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And twenty two men. Most of my fuel shelter place refit artillery will be out of your air. Eighteen hundred hours long story especially the about a plane but there hasn't been anything in the air for twenty years. That's their territory my territory territory around. Don't be a fool can do this. Easy what we can do it. Real easy try that was Christian. Bale and Matthew mcconaughey in two thousand. Two's rain of fire written by Matt. Greenberg Greg Shattuck and Kevin Patrika Peter Kosher okay Three guys took a whack at that one. It was directed by Rob Bowman. That massacre part of our Nolan Dark Night Extravaganza so why that scene from rain of fire. Let's see what listeners came up with Mike. Powders in Durham North Carolina. Says I have to assume. It was chosen due to the casting of to Christopher Nolan Veterans Christian Bale and Matthew mcconaughey renaming. One of the characters cooper is of course a nod to mcconaghy's character in interstellar. Thanks for keeping the podcast going during this crazy time. Thank you Mike for that. Here's a note from Aaron Newark Movie. Where Matthew mcconaughey chumps on the butts of cigars while Christian? Bale does what he can to hold some of it back in one of his first big budget summer movies even young Gerard. Butler doesn't have much to say compared to an all mcconaughey who shaved his head in preparation for taking on giant dragon's in post apocalyptic London. Saying all of this out loud. It truly is a shame. This movie isn't even a guilty pleasure. But just looking at the misleading poster again which features Multiple Dragon seemingly taking on helicopters in massive firefights. None of this happens is upsetting. How does this connect to the dark knight trilogy episodes? Well as mentioned you bail starring in a summer movie the film features something of a large scale. Like Nolan's films I suppose you have flying feared beasts taking on its enemies much like the plot of Raza Google. The story focuses on attempting to burn civilization to the ground. That's all I got. Thanks for all the shows. I've continued to enjoy it as always Aaron. Well done and not commented on by US Josh. I.

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