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Top it all off she's brains so now durant is like a walking summer house because they just won't let her shoot anymore it's like how many times can you have drunk during this using in your restaurant because this is her second seen on a street like toronto we can't get insurance to sit you inside anywhere so you're just going to be on the street against the i'm in so she's meeting carol and she's like feel like a wing for my lover carol durant really has the thing for carol the season 'cause last week she was like after dang you can get and bill and we'll talk with and the wake up and pretend doesn't happen carol and like kill it to where my michael jackson gloves that's my cue just beat michael jackson has a son and king oprah and powers powers powers i don't think so come on guys tell you about the time i tell you about the time my husband was running a blanket rally and i showed up with a blanket on my head back to plank beat it beat it done if i could give you the were held back on prints now michael jackson prince diner ross these are cons undressing his all three of them next year so dorada and carol are walking in a park or whatever high hi ten we ever oh my god please make descent quickly talk running i can't with this when people run marathons it's like they just can't do anything but talk about marathons just the way it goes it's just like oh my goodness put us just run it's just go and run it and during this well you know you gonna wear walkman company like carol goes come on durant out the eighties your colin they watch your they why walkman ramp prince back like you're wearing madonna close.

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