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Difficulty managing the risks absolutely i talked to match group and they made it very clear that whether or not they actually think there's danger from susta foster they feel like any legal liability is something they're prepared to handle they have these gigantic legal teams and compliance divisions they're very ready for now there are a few really legitimate dating sites that have already shut down because they aren't for profit ventures or they serve niche communities and they've said look we can't risk any sort of liability we can't hire lawyers know heidi i understand that you actually talked to some people connected with these illicit activities and they say that they're having little difficulty staying on these sites wanted to talk about that yeah i talked to some sex workers who are part of advocacy organizations some of which are upset about this law now while they are saying that some people are feeling like the can't be on any websites anymore you know one woman made it very clear to me that sex workers still are finding ways to be on a range of these sites including online dating platforms wall street journal reporter heidi vote joining us from washington thanks heidi thanks a lot and that's what's news i'm charlie turner from the wall street journal enjoy the what's news podcast then try the what's news newsletter sign up at w s j dot com slash newsletters that's w dot com slash newsletters.

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