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And then the rest of the story is like how I knew Holly signed the unnamed narrator, and here is he was an important lady in my life. And I'll tell you about her. Sure. And so it's taking place during World War Two. There's like mentions of rationing and things like peanut butter rationing that would have put a damper on my sandwiches more. I know you wouldn't be what enjoy your breakfast. And the guy is living in the house living in like a multi story apartment Brownstone walkup kind of thing, and he sees on the mailbox a curious card. He says MS holiday, go lightly, traveling like her or card says traveling on it like, she's always go and place. It she's always around. He doesn't really know what that means that made sense. You know, he I catches his glimpse of her when she is ringing other people's bills. So that she can get in like, she always comes back at odd hours, buzzes, someone else's doorbell. And then is like, oh, I have forgot. My key leather seems inconsiderate and probably the only thing like the only way could get away with that is by being cute or something. I don't know. Yeah. Because she does end up like Khan. Flirting with mystery and Yoshi who let's are in. And then she promises to never bother him again for that. And that's how she ends up meeting our protagonist because she starts ringing his buzzer. You hard. Yes for sure or Truman Capote who knows? I'm really on George George falling apart. In the first full paragraph description of her from our narrator from George here's what we get Andrew. She has chic thinness. Okay, same. She has a breakfast cereal air of health sales. Okay. Same. She has a soap and lemon cleanness. Yes. Same. She has a large mouth she wears dark glasses. No. That's not me. Not she has a face a quote a face beyond childhood yet. This side of belonging to a woman. That's a little creepy. Okay. But same as and she's almost nineteen. So I think that was a thing that I did not know coming into this book was that like it's a it was a woman that young. In my head Audrey Hepburn is always like thirty two. Right. Just because I don't know. I'm not familiar enough for like her whole canon to be like, oh, here's where she was this young. And here's where she was this old film. So I'm just like you're just a a woman who exists, and that's like a good meaning in my brain. Sure. And so she's just like younger woman who is out existing. It's unclear how long she's been living in this apartment. And she like has a guy you see her coming in. And there's a guy with her that has walked her home after she's out, and she kind of like doesn't she's not bringing him home with her? He's just like he's been hanging on, you know, he's not a great guy because he says you like me baby mama liked guy..

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