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Trump last visited Arizona for just just a few weeks ago for a rally in Huma. His competitors. Former vice President Joe Biden is campaign said he would visit Arizona sometime after Labor Day, but no details yet on that event. This announcement comes just 52 days away from the November election Live in the new center Taylor Kiner up Katie, Arnie's and with less than a month before ballots are mailed out Governor Doug Ducey expressing confidence about our states mail in ballot system. Arizona's been doing this since 1992. This is nearly two decades. 20 years with improvements and reforms every year and voting by mail is a preferred method of voting for many deuce, he says. In the last election cycle, 78% Of Arizonans voted by mail. If you've signed up to get your ballad by mail for the upcoming presidential election, expected to arrive at the beginning of October, Well, you might have noticed the sky a little gray today. While those aren't clouds. Gabriel Kamino is live in the new center with more That's right. Martha A hazy sky Today isn't a result of clouds. Isaac Smith, with the National Weather Service says what we're seeing right now, and I I He's overcast skies are not actually class, but they're actually smoke from the fires along the West Coast, Smith says. You can expect to see the blanket of smoke from the record setting West Coast wildfires for the rest of the day and possibly into tomorrow. More than three million acres have burned in California, which is now under state wide emergency in Oregon, and estimated 50,000 people have had to leave their home. To their fires. Love the new center Gabriel Dominion, Traffic.

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