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This weekend when he had the discussion of the former running back marshall lynch which john lynch with aaron land and kevin lynch hired some of the pregame there was a lot of lynch discussion earlier wwe and and that's i i think even ted was saying you guys can't be you know like madonna geico by one name here we needed fola and full on explanation on the on the lynch area but i wanted to get to erin lynch you guys laid out this was approved game and we saw fifty nine running around the inactive and with our instead of with dr with solomon solomos um we dj jones of inner was it i liked the front seven of the forty nine ers in this game and it was after not getting anywhere near newton in week one day had russell wilson running around a lot they did they did and you know they were that was sort of the healer this game it could this defensive front this young country permanent many late on putin could baby effect elegant and often to lima struggling in and they definitely were i announced now if you start fading a little bit of a that heard wind can you continue to do that uh that's going to be their challenge in um you know yet adding had a really good difference front is where it's going in the nfl right now you know offense of lines are down there a lot at off the fine around the lead and they're being overpowered by these more athletic different a crunch you're seeing in the nfl and out i think that's the case with forty nine or no there linux struggling a little bit but they're defend to front young and fast and allocated and they really showed it in aaron lynch showed it uh in that game against the atl this portion of the fruits of brooke shows we are joined by our mandarins kevin lynch is.

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