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And skip right yeah right you're obsessed with the name skip it's great skip intro get interest is is a great great comedy name yeah speaking of names does that poem have a name the one that you yeah he's at it go spend per job yeah that's incre i did you mention goes pepper chicken wings in the in the title yes in the title you did okay so the subject of the poem see that's why this is not me i'm writing as a character but this is why the character sitting on the toilet because he had some ghost pepper chick dot it's goes pepper of course the hottest pepper out there next to the naga reviver both of the scoville rating of four hundred thousand units why do they call it a ghost pepper because eating it will turn you into a ghost or no it's an interpretation that that peppers grown in thailand and the the word i don't remember the exact high word but it translates translates loosely malevolent spirit okay interesting do you have another poem for us oh i've got plenty more you keep saying that i'm going to keep asking then i've got two more surprise hey would it kill you to put some fun urinal cakes in here the dancing manatee in coral gables florida has novelty urine cakes that depict a fly on a cup a frog on a lily pie osama bin laden going they make taking a elite kind of fun normally when i take a leak dale dale your sleeves on fire your sleeves on fire barbeques should pay attention when they're letting candles thank you.

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