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Head and this is where energy flows in out in a constant stream and so we call them shockers. There's more than seven if you really dive into your trolley. But we focus on the seventy and essentially what it is. It's it's the link between our energetic and our physical bodies and it's that universal life force energy that connects us environmentally and spiritually and the shockers they vibrate so it's like a frequency so your understanding energy. It's it's a frequency. And what i would once you kind of study. It the shock res- as they go from the route from our spine to our head the act. They're actually in alignment to our physical organ systems. So you know. we're talking about our route. Shocker that's really like our blood. Our bones lower half of our body our legs in just this at our in our rectum in our and our till our bones all of this and the muscles in our low half of our body and as we move after talking about the sacred which is the second. Shocker that kind of governments our emotions and our adrenals and those organ systems or reproductive systems and we can go all the way up if you'd like me to others who the but but what. I decided to do as identifying where my body i receive this trauma And we're my body. I needed to start building back support. So i lost a lot of blood i needed to. I needed to eat. Foods that contain not just from physically like a lot of iron to really build that hemoglobin and bill back my blood cells but also to really kind of grammy back into my body. I needed mineral rich. Mineral rich foods foods kind of connect you with the earth kind of ground you because when this happens thinking about it when we when we have an anxiety right when something traumatic happens we feel completely ungrounded. You know we feel like we're out of control. We feel when we're stressed anxious. Any of those feelings in so what you do when you have those feelings emotionally that aligns with both our physical ener- energetic body is that your you wanna put foods into your body that that That ground you foods that are connected to the earth that are full of minerals because we know how magnesium can also help commerce system so it kind of works both ways and so. That's what that's why at that. Just like a peek into what someone can deal with their feeling stress in anxious. But you know when we go through all seven shockers in all the organ systems. There's like a whole rainbow foods that you can eat. But what's nice is. And i'll just hold up my chart that i use as chichi. Why is that the rainbow colors also aligned with those shock. Res- in so when you're eating rainbow foods you're kind of just subconsciously. Actually getting in all the fighter nutrients from the rainbow foods. But you're also connecting with each one of those energy centers so the easiest thing to remember is to always try to eat a loosely a rainbow foods throughout the course of the day. But reality is if you're working with someone you can help them go through check in with the seven centers kind of see where they are with each ones and then pinpoint dietary just like we would with your physical body if your blood. Sugar was unstable or yet adrenal issues or joint pain. You can do the same thing. Yes which is interesting. Because serena like people aren't talking about that yeah and inserts. I'm so grateful that we can talk about it now. I mean it's what i talk about on my platform quite a bit because it's something that you anyone can actually tune into 'cause you're already eating you're already eating. You're already trying to eat something that's healthy for your physical body and when you have an awareness that okay so maybe you're having emotional week. You're feel like you're juneau's or fatigue you're eating the right things drinking the right drinking the right tease having the right herbs that soothe your support adrenal fatigue. I'm gonna use that. That term in quotes. Because it's it's the kind of town we have to using posts for some people but that you want to support your adrenals. You can also have an awareness that taking in foods that support that energy center. That shock. russ that's your sake role. That's where your dreams are house. That's where that that targets a reproductive organs having foods that are supportive of that organ center can also help support your energetic body which is completely integrated with your physical body. You're craving a little sweet but you don't wanna blow your diet. No worries i gotcha. My dark chocolate coconut fibres will satisfy your sweet tooth with only one gram of sugar plus the eleven grams of fiber. Help make your gut happy and healthy to it. Tastes like a candy bar. That's actually good for you and because you're a listener you can get ten percent off while supplies last just go to. Jj virgin dot com forward slash coconut and use the code bar all in caps at checkout. Well let's let's walk through a couple of them because there's some that are so common you just mentioned one like you know stress and going on with your adrenals which i think ten years ago when we were talking adrenals people know what we're talking about. But now they know Adrenal sequel stress and this past year in twenty twenty equal stress. And so like walk us through some of the top things that you would do for that energetic body in the diet and then i'd love to tackle a couple of other ones like definitely digestion. Sarah i would think that would be a big one too. So let's let's like give some real world advice. I know you also have a gift for everybody so they can learn more. But let's do some real world advice here with some top takeaways. Because i'm willing to bet that with our audience probably stress in digestion or to the top ones. Aren't those big ones. You typically say. Hey i you know. I would say that. My biggest focus has been stressed anxiety. Obviously adrenals digestion but also The heart chakra so because it has the twenty twenties massive impact marlin anonymously. Obviously we're talking about stress rosso talking about our heart as well and with everything that's happened so so yeah so so do those three then. I've just made a little note. Okay dig in so as we talked about. We're talking about stress and anxiety and that really connects with how we feel in terms of how we feel in our safety. You know if we feel like we're in control we still safe our security so you wanna eat foods that are aligned with the color red because the color red is in alignment with the root shock rats and so red red cow or not talking like red velvet cupcakes now be clear talking about that staples. You can just hear people but you said red. I'm like oh honey. No no that we're talking about. We're definitely talking about whole foods. He knows there were talking about fruits and vegetables and then of course if you do eat. Animal protein dietary proteins. Animal protein is something that can really really really ground us as well They're they're rich in all of Vitamins nutrients the rich minerals. The rich all the things we need to act eight or physical body to also feel grounded in stable. But what i love about specifically say root vegetables if we're talking about whole foods implants and they come from the earth so they carry that mother earth energy. That is very grounding. That's why you've heard you may or may not have heard about grounding where you walk outside in your bare feet you stick your feet in the grass sticker feed in the stand or your feet in the in the Notion you walk into the water. Anything that connects you with nature that weighs very grounding but you can also do this with your foods so choose like root vegetables read rich minimal. Rich foods red color foods..

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