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And I think that is yet another reminder to the motorists that they ain't getting this Ponti back anytime soon. Yeah. If all those people want to argue that you should stick around. Yeah, you want to know you don't stick around for alternate selection, sticking around for generation in the hope, but it might might change back. So I think that is the sticking point. I still think that we can. We wanna wait to see what happens. I mean, there's a kind of. And there's an element David Davis to resign that we, that we all think we all heard about belated motorists leaving the party is never going to happen. It's going to happen and then actually does happen. I think one of the things that appears to me changed over the summer is I mean, there is now a fifty percent Jones of a double digit number of labor MP's not having the labour whip by Christmas possibly before conference. Katie. I think there is talk that if this net energy didn't make this decision tomorrow, the parliamentary labour party meet up and they are having a vague, a symbolic vote on whether or not they want to adopt the doesn't mean thing really. And I think part of the trigger for the NEC having this meeting today where it's on the agenda is to stave off the fret that because if they don't accept it and we still need that Nate confound, then they would have this vote. They wish they would actually and you to eat, might see if people decide that that would be the springboard from which they announced they resigning the whip. I think that if they. Accepted solves the problem too. I think it will be very hollow victory and I think it will probably mean that things to escalate that to that level of the next few days. The monetary reselection votes conferences also enough a moment because once not comes in woman isn't gonna, stop it. But if the fact he's choosing not to stop it will, I think, make more piecing I've gotten very chance of surviving. So one throw caution to the wind. I've got nothing to lose. Finally, Katie such Javaid is considering some big changes to stop and search. Just explain what's going on there. So this is an interesting thing because Theresa May's very protective, the home office having served for a long time is difficulty Merodon counted, but evidence suggested has arrived. He's ready managed to make waves and sheep own his own Mark on it, and the latest paps to resume policy that he is changing is that police will be able to stop and search anyone suspected of carrying acid under new paths. Says that you're increasing, stop and search Theresa May have pride has not increasing. Storm says, this is another sign that he is able to get things done. That previous people haven't in that Rosa is not a sign of his strength. Theresa May's weakness. James, we'll talk such Jarvis leadership envisions, I think, is coin clearance. Javid is one of the people who will stand when may steps down. He benefits from the fact that he felt so far out to faith with her. There was probably no almost new cabinet minister who was in more danger of the height of the mass energy vans jab it. So he's not tainted by the may era. And as he's on. Joel, basically reversing the may legacy if you think the will ultimately cost Ambert her job was that she was too hesitant to touch the things that trees had done and her big strategic error was not realizing that trees may was. So we ought to be election when wrong that she could base it if what she wants to do in trees, make them to stop. So you're in this position now where it is painful trees may, but she's in the big promotion. She's made recently such a dominant rob, the people that almost must actively dislikes because that was the only way to hold the party together. And I mean, guess Katie says it shows the decline in trees, amaze power control, even in the department that she has most about, she's having to accept policy, changes the on what she would have done. Thank you, James, and thank you Katie..

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