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Who is one that you're looking at that like I haven't written about or talked about yet. That's a good question. How do you feel about the saint Bonaventure? LSU that came off my most looking forward to for sure. I kind of like LSU cuz I'm a little bit worried about Von he's being able to just like deal with their size and athleticism off but I also just don't want to bet we'll wait against Mark Schmidt like no disrespect will wave like we've seen this match up before and like it's not like well Wade was terrible in these games. But yeah, I am fuking genius and that worries me. Yes these incredible. I mean they just got time to prepare said like he's he's facing a socket smart assistant and last week he had to prepare for a Shaka smart assistant in Mike Rhodes and they were up double-digits like the entire second half. So, you know, the different towns levels between Vesey and LSU, but I I like the Bonnies there the coaching Edge. I think that top five for Bonaventure can compete. Athletically they're pretty darn good but right my biggest my biggest concern there is foul trouble. If big soon gets two fouls against Watford in the first five minutes. It might be might be real trouble in Paradise for the Bonnies. I mean, they play seven guys really like that's it. Yeah and the 7th one got in the game with like five minutes left. Like they basically went five or six guys in that eight. Ten title game. Yeah. No, I totally agree. It's kind of a weird weird dynamic compared to LSU where they go pretty deep. I don't know really like generally stay away from that game. Just cuz I think LSD was like very talented and they're coming in hot and you could tell me that like Darius days and trendon Watford get oshun sneak into foul trouble and this game is just kind of done if they do that. I think like, you know, that's that's a concern. Yeah. I don't know how Bonnie's light comes back from that if that happens Thursday. Yeah, cuz his backup is a nobody and it's just such a drop-off. So yeah, I will be co sign up for that if anybody likes live betting that would be a thing. I would look for potentially take LSU if he gets in foul trouble, you know wage. That's a really good call. How do you feel about Oral Roberts Ohio State? Like are you just kind of waiting like I am to see if Kyle young is going to play or not and then trying to figure out like is this the thing that we can actually do offer? Yeah. I'm probably if I you know on a side I lean towards all Robert's cuz just I think they can score against Ohio State's defense. That's mostly at though. I think there's points. I think there's a bonanza points. I took over at one of the early numbers. I mean, it's been done up three or four points. I still think it's a little low. It's one fifty-seven fifty-eight. I think I mean Ken, is it 162 and that's not the end-all be-all but there's no reason to think either of these teams is going to stop each other just as Ohio State's slow them down maybe but I think they're kind of willing willing participants in an up-and-down game if oral. Gets it going that way on. What level where do you think Max Atmos is among the great point guards in this NCAA tournament..

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