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To the area and is expected to be fixed overnight FDNY battalion fire chief James Brown and tells ten ten wins the situation comes from infrastructure wherein chair it is always trouble in in this area the highly populated area and in the summertime you get a lot more a condition is run and get a lot of new options more landings in it and the area really it gets over because it's very hard to contact the keep up with updating equipment and then you know repairing equipment that's that that burns con man confirms to ten ten wins that fires like this are from generally overheating because of stress on the power grid in this just into the ten ten wins newsroom Sirhan Sirhan Robert Kennedy's assassin is hospitalized in stable condition after being stabbed by a fellow inmate again Sirhan Sirhan who assassinated Robert Kennedy hospitalized in stable condition after being stabbed by a fellow inmate when news time ten fifty the police commissioner says he has thicker skin these days than he had when he first took the job police commissioner James o'neill has no plans to step down responding to a question about the police officers union no confidence vote sometimes said not very happy with the police commissioner but this is this is a job that I have to do o'neill says there's been enormous progress in keeping crime down and cops are putting themselves in harm's way to protect others he notes that police were fired upon in queens last night this is just a description of the shooter put out and the two cops in one of three anti crime went out and did their job police responded with fatal gunfire Juliet Papa ten ten wins at police headquarters format Wally Backman is now the Long Island ducks manager he's been arrested on longer when after a domestic dispute with a woman in Riverhead he faces charges of second degree harassment and fourth degree criminal mischief he was released on his own recognizance and is due back in court September twenty second when news fifty one for the ram trucks traffic.

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