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Everybody welcome back to. Let's get civil. I'm lizzy stewart and i'm am earn warranty and it's almost worth a joe so close. She's so close. I can smell she so close the hamburgers and hotdogs. I can snow freedom. I really i can smell it in the air and it smells like a charcoal grill. It does it does smelling charcoal grill. And it smells like the. Nathan's hot dog eating contest. Which is my for it. We then. I okay so we went to coney island the other day. Yeah i have never. I had never been. I have lived in this study thing. It's insane. I have lived in the city for like eighteen years. I don't know since you knows import. And i had never to coney island it was. We didn't go to like we went to the beach. We didn't go to the amusement park. But we like went to the sharia went to the beach. It was really fun. But i was like i want to get a nathan's hot dog because i've never like it's part of the thing you have to do. Yeah but the line was so long very long very long there. Especially i mean. Also you're trying to get a nathan's hot dog in late. June at coney island. Yeah that's like when the people come to get the hotdogs. It's true i mean i guess you got an offseason okay. I guess maybe. I thought it wouldn't be so long because it was a thursday at lake or honey. Kids are not in school. That's true all bets are off. God there were small children's are off at the theater yet strip but it will be worth it when you do finally happen. I mean you can get a nathan's hot dog elsewhere but it's like it's the stand. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah also super fun. In coney island is the the brooklyn. Cyclones which is a minor league baseball team that s and they play in a stadium on kona. It's the best of we taste it. We've passed like either. They were playing. There were warming up but like we pass now. He's like a little opening and they were like baseball players like hanging out and they wave yes. It was taken to like fifteen dollars. Oh like the trash. The trash goes to these games myself included and you just like Tickets are so cheap. So you're literally sitting like behind home plate through that's probably twenty five dollars though is like jerry from staten island. Jerry's like heckling the other team and they're right there. It's the best that's west. Yeah so definitely recommend not. And eventually you will get your. Nathan's hot dog i will. I will so with that said in celebrating fourth of july. We are unfortunately not doing a deep dive into the nathan todd dog eating contest although idea for next time We are in fact gonna finally like finally start to tackle the one. The only the reason we're all here. The revolutionary war. Hello okay get your bayonets. Get your pantaloons because we're back to seventeen harish. Nah who said. This'll be a two part episode. This is part one which is all about what led up to lay revolu xiang and then part two which comes out the week of july fourth will be all of the battles the boom booms the bang bangs the actual war herself. But we can't understand the boom booms and the bang bangs that understanding. What would they british were up to. But don't were that a lotta stuff. They were doing a lot of stuff. Yeah they're up to some shit. I mean the british were shitty. No offense story english listeners. You know we love you. But like y'all are being kinda dicks. If i do. I saw myself are you just did i think also like part when i read it. The some of the stuff was like they had paid a lot of money for the french and indian. Warren's like oh look you know like the british the british did like well okay store but also then like but but then i go back to you how they ever thought that they could like. Have these colonies an ocean away when we didn't yet have like steam power and like not expect. A revolt is like the pinnacle of stupidity. Like a little bit of forward thinking a little bit of light the british empire. That was like a thing they were like empire thinking. They're like you know what let's kind of do what the romans did. And just trying to take over everywhere. This isn't surprising to me at all. This is classic british because they wanted to be like the french and the spanish who were both also off in. You know south america in africa. Just being like. I think this is my land. This is my founded. Nobody else's here. Except i think he will support king george. Yeah they don't matter so before we jump into. You wanna talk about our sire. Iron and charges the session ronin star says are because we didn't use her last week. We had had to go back to our tried to trusted. Drew friend history dot com now. Yeah they had like they're the ones that had like the seven causes of the revolutionary war. Which i do yet. It didn't use all of them because they are the ones who are like lexington and concord. Now's like already shouldirefi battle. I think we are already biding k. Dot co dot com had a great lake something similar but then also like what people were thinking more independently they went a little grow and then britannica just a little bit for some odds and ends. It's tie up those loose ends. His loose revolutionary war ends.

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