Saucony President Anne Cavassa on Prepping for the New Roaring Twenties

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I sit down with an vasa president of sokha ni best known for running shoes in the last year. More people have become runners gyms temporarily closed and wanted to ask how the company leaned into that opportunity. Plus how it's remain competitive with more brands entering the performance. Where space welcome in. Hi jill thank you very much for having me really appreciate being here Well indeed throughout the pandemic we have seen a runners and anyone actually just looking to get outside Coming to the brand. So whether they're walking hiking running or just general activity We have been seeing an increase in consumer is coming to the brand. Were really excited about it. I would say that The running boom is real Were i think all brands across the industry are seeing this. And what we're doing really specifically as we're making sure that were Connecting with engaging with consumers where they're at so whether they're experienced runners and they're running malar whether they're new to running whether they're walker's coming in whether they're on trails whether they're hiking really making sure that we're communicating with them In how they need to and want to be communicated with and what the topics are so. Whether that's around what shoes. They need with their training. Should look like With their diet should look like all of those things around running in the running lifestyle. We've been we've been working on from a communication perspective and from an inspirational perspective. I would say okay. So would you say you are marketing strategy. I mean one eighty. You flipped it last year. No i would not say that i would say are absolutely a technical performance running brand and we serve runners so as people have as gyms have closed and if people have turned to other things. It's really just recognizing who people are and where their ad in there running

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