A highlight from YMIW Live-ish with Jason Schwartzman and Matt Berninger


You walk made it weird with the homes. Look what's happening weirdos. Holy shit jason schwartzman and matt burning her to incredible musicians. One incredible actor. I'm sure that could act. He has enacted yet. Well yeah i mean. He has a great movie mistaken for strangers. Listen jason schwartzman is one of my favorite actors of all time. I'm so grateful to ben blacker. Who sat up this. Who produced this live episode and got jason on board. Thank you ben. Thank you to all the weirdos that came out to the live episode to watch live to watch the video. And i'm so glad to be able to release it to everybody now here for free. It is awesome. Val is also on the on the pod. We co hosted together and basically after the songs matt recorded songs exclusively for this podcast which is incredible After those play jason and matt sort of interview each other and have one of the best conversations about creativity that i've ever heard so this is a real. This is real hunger so thank you for for tuning in and if you want to show your support of this podcast. It's really simple. We don't have a patriot. We don't have a donate button. Just try pete's pick. Hopefully we have one that speaks to you if you want to give it a try. It helps the show out a lot this week. We have a couple of new pete's picks one of them is magic. Immune not just a magic immunity but it's immune t you get it at immune. The letter a. t. a. dot com. I have always for many years. Sworn by the power on the power of magic mushrooms the legal kind of talking about ratio. I'm talking about lion's mane for brain health cia. I mean google schlage has benefits. It's insane quarter. Mushrooms are incredible. Incredible plants fungi. Fungi that are here to help. And magic immunity. A wonderful great tasting. Easy way to get them into your diet. And since i've had it there's no looking back. There's no taste mushroom. It actually tastes more like a nice camomile. so it's delicious t easy to make. Obviously you can make one cup of water two cups and poured over ice.

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