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With the Kardashians. After twenty seasons thirteen years on TV. We're going to say goodbye to all of them, Chris Kim Khloe Courtney, Kendall Carney, clam, and cletus. Did you guys ever watch this show because I never knowingly saw minute of it? Well, I can tell you the appeal of the show. Please it used to be before the show that when you eight. And went to the bathroom you had nothing to look. I remember those horrible days remember you just sit in Talk To your people now this joke do then there's what if we could fill this with people with the shiniest Harry ever seen your. And that's the show I have to say though I want I wanNA stand up for the Kardashians Elise it. It's sort of low hanging fruit. It's easy to talk about you know the show being vapid. I. Do think they have a lot of genuine affection for each other I have been roped into watching many an episode of the show and I find them to actually be more likable than I would have expected. That being said I think we now can close the book on what it does to a family structure to film everything that happens for thirteen years and it ain't great lake that they are the richest disasters on planet earth at this point from all of his attention and documentation. Now, we will admit we will admit that it is finally time for them to go everything gets a little stale after being in the air that long incredibly stale. Well, anyway, stay tuned for wait waits twenty third anniversary special in January bill. How did Roth doing our Quiz Roth? Got Us off to a great start three. Oh thank you. Thank you off and good luck with whatever's next. Traveling take care. Right now panel that it's time for you to answer some questions about this week's News Jesse for what we believe is the first time scientists in the UK have come up with formal classifications for the five different kinds of what Mood I'm at this point. I'll give you one thing. All five types have in common. They're all willing to scoop up poop out of a box of sand. Those aren't any of my moves. Cats, cats, owners Jesse owners. Five. Types Corona's returns at a previously thought are only two kinds of cat owner's cat ladies or secret cat ladies. But new research proposes that cat owners can be divided into five personality types while cats believe their owners can be divided way more ways if you just use your claws. Types are. And these are real freedom and defender conscientious caretakers concern protectors tolerate guardians and Lese fared landlords. Why are these people working on the vaccine? The categories refer to attitudes about monitoring the cats behavior especially when they're outside of the house because if allowed to roam cats can spread disease kill wildlife interfere in US elections and secretly set forest fires and blame gender reveal parties. You also know that the type of person to write this report underlying the letters cat in category it's true. Coming up our panelists find.

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