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That same car you want so you know how to recognize a good price and you're certified dealers know this so they set their true price competitively so they can win your business so when you're ready to buy a new or used car visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience some features not available in all states oh i'm a shower curtain do one thing keep water from leaking everywhere so you see why feel useless compared to gyco who does so much more like not only gyco saving money but they've been around for over seventy five years and they give you twenty four seven access online over the phone or on the geiko app and they've got a ninety seven percent customer satisfaction rating they do all this while i have to listen to this chuckle head oh good he stopped create an encore darko expect rate savings whole lot more johnny knoxville film action point in theaters near you starting tomorrow and johnny knoxville back here on the rich eisen show when you live in the los angeles area you never see who from tv or film is going to just show up anywhere supermarket schools or on a youth baseball diamond is so people might be used to that but what's the reaction when parents bring their kids the diamond and johnny knoxville is the coach of the team well i'm just the assistant system yes and there's i've been doing it for few years so it's just everything's normal and it's so fun you're not teaching headfirst slides no no i don't want them to get hurt like with my own kids i'm like a helicopter parent i don't want totally if they do something say something naughty then i'm like.

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