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Let's just get into this whole big shot Ganz of couples from this break. There was so much that happened. I think from start to finish of when we were gone between engagements marriages marriages babies. Everything we were to put it timeframe on it. We were gone from December twentieth to January. Second Yeah Yeah exactly now. The first first thing that people were talking about was Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson. People thought that maybe they were going through a rough patch cody simpson was seen out with. a playgirl I think and everyone was kind of like. Oh what's going on. Have No fear coats. Says they're great and they did spend the holidays. Together we saw that on their instagram's yes and did you see that Cody Simpson or not cody. Simpson himself but I think it was reported. That cody was with this girl who is dating one of his best friends. Oh so there was some sort of confused and then there was one that was like well. That girl's actually his girlfriend. His friend's girlfriend best friends. Yeah so I think there was some mix up with that anytime a boy and girl or together people are like Oh my God they the dating but also could just be friends so I think that's what happened. There and people automatically assume that cody moved on and yeah go after him but no they're together other one hundred percent. I've ain't strong east. Oh Yeah I mean. We saw the stories. Miley was dancing form on Christmas. I was like A. They're great. It seems like they're great. They're in a good place. Did you see the Josh Majlis Decade Video. Also to ask you it was amazing looking back on it. It's just crazy crazy fucking year crazy now decade your decade. Gi In ten years you forget that Hannah Montano is coming to an end. It's just it's crazy but it's good to see that her and cody are sticking it out. I did like she put all the good and bad. It was very very interesting. Like some of the things you forget you know. Shoot the ball in there. She is losing the role in hotel. Transylvania Selena Gomez. There's a lot of a lot of interesting things. But here she is. She's been posting on her instagram like that she is here ready to go. Twenty Twenty Cody Simpson. Still by her side she she did post something also about like a dating. Your best friend date your best. Yeah yeah do it Yeah Simpson. We're best friends but they WANNA say their best friends at work too malleable to believe that Love Story I. They're still going strong. It is longer than I expect longer than expected. We just have to get that you know I went through a little Rebound stage sorry. Caitlyn you were. The rebounded is what it is and now she's onto cody exactly. We had other couplings. Olivia Cocoa OPO and Christian. McCaffrey is really going. She really likes going strong on the public. PDA On instagram. I feel like we didn't see much of that with Danny or we saw it in the they broke up the guy back together on and off relationship and now with this she said it was the happening to returned. Two Thousand Nineteen going on vacation. She posted say did like a cute little late Christmas because they they they weren't together obviously over the holidays and she posted a story of Christian under the tree. There is she had all these gifts one through twelve. They were labeled like this isn't durable steel back like yeah I guess you know he was just. It was very very cute away one through twelve. Maybe it was There's twelve gifts each each. You know told us Yes yes and she and I'm assuming I'm assuming they were for her but I don't know they could have been for him but the you know. Yeah look. I said they had this delay eight Christmas together so really feels like they're in a good place. She's been rock her panther stuff. Good for her. The the panthers season is over now they now they can go off on vacation do whatever they wanNA. Do you get the full boyfriend now. Yeah exactly uh he already was full boyfriend but now he's really out to become no playoff so they can just search can just have a dream for the for the WII the girlfriends. Oh like I really hope they do well but also I really hope they don't yeah like That sucks baby. Didn't make it to the playoffs. All my God sell at a phenomenal. Yeah on a bad team and if you're on a bad team then you get to go on more vacation. Yeah that's a terrible terrible way to look at that come on come on rea- you want some winners. No of course you one hundred percent. You don't WanNa be as live data in a loser because McCaffrey is one of the best. That's why absolute thinking of it. Like yeah he's great so it really doesn't mean it's not like dating a loser. NFL Player. It is what it is. Yeah so that's great good for them. We also so have Shantelle Jeffries diplo yeah. They're a new couple. So I've been following chantal Jeffries for a while. Because she's friends with all those other people I follow elicit violet islet will be cindy big time in the cool girl group. Yeah they're super cool super hot. They're super cool. They look like there are a lot of fun and she's a Deejay diplo's also a DJ. So I think that they've been friends for a while because I've seen diplo commenting on her pictures for two years. Now Yeah honestly and I think that maybe there's like let's let's state there in Mexico together Torino. Yeah so I think it's great great couple. Yeah they do make sense. There is is a bit of an age difference was. I'm sure people will talk about. She's twenty-seven he's forty one but I got dimples forty-one. Yeah I did not know Diplo's forty-one see I don't mind that though because she's twenty seven and Dipo also still live like he lives that Rockstar. Dj Life you know. I don't want to compare it to dave but but dave is what forty one forty two. Yeah Yeah and you know. He dates right some young girls right. I mean but not John Tell might actually be out of his right exactly because John tell any seven at least Sean tell us twenty seven. I was expecting intelligent way younger younger. Now she's twenty seven twenty seven forty. One it's not bad at all and Mexico super she's posting pictures of pictures of for self wear Bikini and she one of dip blow be in her Insta- boyfriend taking the pictures for her. He called her baby. An instagram story staple seems like a funny guy. We've actually talked like it would be on the red carpet of fun money. Time to date diplo. Yeah you have a lot of fun raving. Yeah you're going on going places. He's always travelling you. Maybe yeah exactly. He's very funny. Sure you have a great. I'm Jerry I'm sure they have a great. He's friends with the Jonas brothers. The up with everybody that he does make a lot of good feel like he's truly friends with everybody so it makes sense what I feel like those goes to it makes us a happy segment apples. It is then there's been a lot of good. It was a lot of good news. There wasn't really any like big breakup. The only only thing that has been on my radar which I don't I don't have any any truth to this or not. Just my own speculation laid on me. I'm a little worried about out. Fidesz Hutchinson Awesome Butler. Oh my God me too me too. She has a new years he was nowhere to be the new nowhere to be found. I was thinking the same thing she hosted all of these like two thousand nineteen pictures within onto twenty twenty and then She posted just just in an extravagant dress. The picture post she has failed loan like Cinderella New Year's Eve ball gown gloves. Everything and usually she would post with him or at least he would be somewhere. I was looking at his social media. He was trying to dive into the role of Elvis right now. Canady theory diving into the Elvis role could black because he needs to. Do it phenomenal job. Yeah that's a very hopeful theory which I can jump on board with because I was looking like they hadn't she hadn't posted like they haven't interact on social media since October like she. She commented on his last scream. He hasn't post-it since October. So that actually does support the theory of. Maybe he's just gone into full. Elvis Elvis like he's going may full prep for this movie and he's like not on social media and not post anything that's also. It's very very possible. Very we're GONNA just keep that in mind as I'm hoping that that's not a thing thing Vanessa hudgens already broke. My heart was on Don't do it again with us about learn. I love them together. I really do I really all right. Let's move onto more half the happy news. Ah Erin Foster. New Year's Eve wedding amazing DOTS on New Year's Eve wedding before we talked about are in foster. 'cause I love a foster so I think you you know. I think they're so funny and just very entertaining. So I'm like yeah. Oh she had one year's Eve then great I love it but I also don't think I love the idea now thinks this is my opinion. A lot of people hate New Year's Eve what they lump it in with like fourth of July weddings and Labor Day weekend weddings this that and the other thing. I don't necessarily hate New Year's Eve wedding just just because like New Year's Eve a lot of the Times is one night right like you can kind of plan vacations or trips around that or you're somewhere for New Year's Eve but it's also so kind of easy to come back because it is so close to Christmas it's a longer time off so it's really just like one night like when I think of long weekends. Let's say you're going to a weekend on a wedding Labor Day weekend like that's your whole weekend. Your whole long weekend is going to this wedding New Year's Eve it's one night you're going for a big party right. I don't I really don't mind it so I see what you're what you're saying there and if I got invited to a wedding on New Year's Eve yeah and it was somebody. I was close breath. I like Oh yeah this grave. New Year's Eve plans to worry about it but there is something about. Oh so we're going to spend our New Year's Eve just praising this one couple yeah like my New Year is now based on this purse you know what I mean. Yeah New Year's Eve is not about you or like your part your significant other anymore. You know big New Year's Eve kissed is about these people getting married. This is their year there. You know what I mean..

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