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In your community. We're talking to Manchester City schools preschool, teachers, some of them not all of them. Not all of them are here. And it takes it takes a bunch of wanna hear all about that. We have Heather Jacobs at Westwood elementary school. Correct. And Amanda Wilmore. Yes, you're a college straight. Yes. Yes. And Melissa Clark. And you're at college street, and who are who are we missing? So we're missing Lindsay Anderson. She's a special education preschool teacher at Westwood elementary. And we're also missing Bridget Lewis. She said voluntary pre K teacher at Westwood. She. Second location and do you have teaching assistants as well? We can't live without them. So they they really should be. Because I was wondering how you could come here. Well, you know, how do they because I've got three. Who's hanging out with the kids right now. It's suppose right hand, ladies that are varsity twenty four seven very good. So this preschool screening is coming up for the Manchester City schools next. It's for next school year. It's not for this school year is yes, it is for the two thousand nine hundred two thousand twenty school year. So you want to screen children in the Manchester City school district for the regular education preschools and for your special education preschools? So when is this happening, and how do parents and grandparents get those kids there? It's on Saturday March the second on a Saturday. It's on a Saturday. Why is it on a Saturday? Because that's when all the fun happens. This time for us to be available because that's when you have our families to be able to get out and come on Saturday. It's held at Westwood elementary. And. The times it starts at eight thirty. Appoint Melby an eight thirty eight thirty to twelve and you sit appointments the magic word. Yes. So people are not just showing up for this Christmas. Heather, right..

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