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On slowing from highway 18 2 to 77 more delays from 2 12 to 4 or five Our next Cuomo traffic up 7 14 Look at the weather. Now. Here's meteorologist Kristen Clark. Nothing like a little mini heatwave to kick off meteorological summer here in June one more day of unseasonably warm conditions with highs well into the eighties before we see the cooling effects of onshore flow resumes starting tonight for Seattle in various parts of Puget Sound, Yes, mid to upper eighties close to 90 for a few backyards, but You'll definitely see the difference tomorrow and feel it, too, as high temperatures will be in the seventies. Thursday Friday with the arrival of cooling rain showers Saturday and Sunday and highs in the fifties this weekend, and the Common Weather Center meteorologist Kristen Clarke Sunshine in downtown Seattle. We're warming back up. It's 64 degrees. Drought conditions are getting worse in some parts of the state. This includes parts of Yakima Click, attacked Benton Walla Walla in Colombia counties. State says those areas face extreme drought conditions right now Lawmakers, firefighters in the Department of Natural Resources will sound the alarm today about wildfire dangers. Those temperatures climb, they say, the time to prepare is now they're holding an event and Bonney Lake nearly nine months after a wildfire burned hundreds of acres in that area. There have already been more than 200 wildfires this year in the state. Come on, Whose time? Seven Oh, seven more signs that the state ferry system is stretched. Thin service between Seattle and Bainbridge Island was reduced to just one boat last night because there weren't enough crew members for the ferry to coma. In addition, one of the two boats from the Seattle Bremerton route is out of commission for repairs, and that may be several days. The ferry system says. These are examples of how thin the resource is Our and passengers need to be ready for delays this summer. This is our Super Bowl..

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