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D as nipped in with two goals to put ac milan. Who were if you saw the way. They started this game there at sixes at seven they were. They were arguing with each other trying to figure out who should be where liverpool ripping through them but they found a way to be to one up at halftime and much to the kind of shock of downfield. Cronin no doubt your klopp well but liverpool came out in the second half and Or rig who had been a surprise selection at centre forward. I played in a lovely scoop. Chipped scooper chip. Jj make up your mind. I'm gonna say scoop. I haven't seen it again pass into the into the path of Saleh who finishes. I mean just brilliantly. Ball hops up goalkeeper hesitates for me. He on bad are but effects it. What the outside of his boot wylie's mid air flicks it home. That's that's party. That's too and then jordan. Henderson buries a volley nice goal. Reminiscent stephen girard on. It's the right result. Liverpool were the better team but it was pretty incredible to see The way things turned around and to watch virgil van dyke on the sideline hoping for arrest which he got rolling his eyes at the second goal. Going in like what is going on here. It was it was that stretch was fascinating. It was it was crazy. It was absolutely crazy. Was it was interesting to gauge liverpool supporters before the game and their general bemusement at really being picked at centre forward. I was of the same mind. I'm like what's he doing. But then i thought about it. Santa is at a pretty busy start to the season. My what's up saudi omani. I always do the sonic sum of money has had a busy start to the season and had a pretty pretty involved game against leeds on sunday. So it's only a few days later so give him a rest rotation's important so mine is out for has the hamstring problem. And then you're looking. Well who else can occupy that place and it's literally only a region like liverpool are still like they're now could mean a mean comment and you could play three with saleh jota and oh. Yeah but it's you haven't got that kind of center forward presence Maybe for me. No doesn't really give you that kind of does he's he's been able to grow into the role or ricky's the only other one there now. He's the only other viable option. And it goes to show you I i still think they're like an attacker. I know jamie kyra hussein. He would like to have seen a forebear coming into the club in the summer. And that didn't happen. also shows that it's liverpool are in my tip and gomez of two excellent center house. But they are much more likely to make errors or mistakes when virgin van dyke is not there But i have to say it's another really really good performance from never you know i know. They conceded two goals. But it's another good performance from them and I i'm sure top is very pleased. And he was on the original thing. Cloth had an interesting comment about arabia. Afterwards i don't know if you saw this because i guess liverpool you would know better than jay but did they wanted to move him on Yeah they they. They wanted to get rid of them in the summer. Get rid not the right word. Move him on in the summer. But it's it's an interesting. It's kind of a paradox. Because klopp is he says about and the there was no interest no one had any interest in rigging and after the game today. klopp said. Obviously people don't watch football enough as a comment supporting a reiki. But like it's just weird because like his support of It's for a guy that he has no had no use for really at his club. Just was i found it kind of like an interesting almost contradiction. I thought so too so so in a depressed market. What about you. Are you watching enough like that. What about yeah exactly. So what do you expect. An in a depressed market jurgen. You're expecting it to obtain pay for player. That doesn't play for your club that rarely gets on. I mean he hadn't started a game in six months. I think i. I think that's correct. That's what The commentary team said Tennessee said it's just amazing that diva caridi. Like when it's all said and done for whenever it is that he does leave liverpool. He's gonna leave with a really nice highlight reel of major majorly important goals that he has scored for them. It's very interesting it. It really is You can't say he didn't. He hasn't contributed over these past three four very good years for the club because he certainly has Was another point. Oh yeah just just to give you an idea. The dominance of the pool in that first fourteen minutes. They had thirteen shots inside the first fifteen minutes. That is ridiculous. It is absolutely ridiculous and in fairness. Milan did well to rally and get themselves ahead. It's unbelievable kestler midfielder. Just absolutely i've never seen a player. So flustered at the start to begin. As as casey was trying to figure out what was going on in fairness to milan that they tried to be Didn't try to pack the boss but that ended up meaning that there was lots and lots of space for liverpool them yes followed start for liverpool and a not not a bad start from line. If i heard dea said afterwards you know I'm mad because we nearly could have beaten such a great team like liverpool which shows we can play at this level that remains to be seen. But they'll be heartened from from the way they finished the first half and from a couple of.

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