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If you haven't seen a picture of this truck it does look in remarkably crazy algorithm shift. Allow you to start posting. Videos is kind of what we're talking about here like. Did you get an email to have youtube video mohand. The chief product officer youtube. Why did you perceive it. How are you tracking. That's especially if you've lasted about. You know when people come in the street cars. They don't really ask about the business of youtube which is half of what i do. Write a half cars. half of it is. Is you only ever get to discuss this with my fellow creators going to have these conversations. I'm pretty obsessive as far as youtube creators. i don't know anyone else. Who's quite as obsessive in terms of tracking metrics. And i'm sure there are others but in terms of cardi jigger certainly not them so i am able to kind of pinpoint what i believe to be moments in time whether our algorithm shifts youtube doesn't publicize it. They don't want you to know there are a couple reasons. They don't want proprietary algorithm. They don't want you to know what it is. But also i've always found a little bit strange. If they told us a little bit more about the algorithm week would probably be able to create content. Better served it. But they don't do that and so anyway. The point is i noticed these shifts and notice them with other creators. I pay a lot of attention to what other people are doing. What kind of us. They're getting so the one that we're talking about. I had started a second channel. Reduce some more creative content because it became clear to me that sort of lesser viewed videos would pull down your more view videos and what i learned it what i believe to be. A recent algorithm shift was. That's not true anymore and make the algorithms a little bit more advanced now and it can detect these videos that are lesser and kind of distinguish between them and the the bigger ones. Although i should note. I'm still kind of workshop on. I'm not sure that's true. I still look at some more to up with that conclusion. But that's what it looked like to me. And so i don't know you just have to pay close attention. Hope for the best. He say era obsessive about tracking. What are the metrics tracking counts as it drop-offs. Is it minutes watched. It's changed with the algorithm. You years ago. I five hours was everything within the first five hours. I could tell you how popular videos gonna be. That's changed completely. The algorithm now no longer rewards instant. Success it kind of builds over time and so i try to that for longtime like the first five hours everything and the loss rate between our one and two and three and four. What i've learned now is the week the one week number for views as a really really good metric and the change between the next morning and the one week is a really good metric. How much is it kind of growing in that time. That now is sort of the metric for me that it's going to be more successful but i also track a lot of other stuff revenue and yeah watch time one thing. I've been interested recently. Youtube has provided a new metric. Which is you can see where in your video people drop off. Look exactly what point. I found that tremendously interesting. Oh here's what people don't wanna see. Here's the more you'll even see. Sometimes videos actually increase in the middle of the video presumably because people have been late or something and it's like. Oh well maybe that should have been sooner to help more people or whatever that is really interesting stuff they give you so much data that you can peruse. What's really interesting about. This is it is true. You seem like the most data informed youtuber. That i've talked to but the format is like giving example like for someone who makes something that if format that you've just described as kind of richard like right. Where would you see if you're of. You're of the channel kind of responding to this the biggest way to see it is the vehicles that i choose to review. It is very clear to me that certain types of vehicles do a lot better than others even certain country of origin vehicles that sort of thing and vat heavily informs the decisions that i make about which vehicles review. I've always told people and i believe deeply. It was up to me. My entire fan would be eighties and nineties. We're like too high tech for their Just did a review on maximum. Today from nineteen eighty. Six talked to you like when the door was open it and say the door is open ridiculous. And i would love you more cars like that but my metrics tell me that actually people what they want new. Yeah there's a lot of suv's and family cars on your channel. Is that a connection. Between the metrics and people are buying and obviously. There's an advocate connection. There too is much as i love to do videos with weird. European cars Chevy tofte i mean those videos just they make all the money. You can get half the views and make the same money with a video like that because it's in market car. Shoppers americans looking for these cars canadians. And that's a that's what pays the best. Is that coming through the youtube partner program. Is that you selling direct. How does that revenue work for you. All through two beds. That's what i use the. I'm curious because you know your channel is. It's a huge success. You were able to leverage into launching another kind of business entirely which i do want to talk about but the actual mechanics of how a youtube channel works where the money comes from. Who's getting the splits. And how predictable it is. They are just a blackbox for everyone and every side of the equation. I'm always curious. Like how big is your team makes the channel with you. Make all the scheduling..

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