Seattle Children’s Knew for Years Security Was Called Disproportionately on Black Patients


Seattle Children's Hospital are more than twice as likely. Have security called to their rooms. If they're black, it's a racial divide in the use of what Children's calls Code purple more from comas. Corwin take Seattle Children. Staff members invoke Code purple if they need a security guard to report to a patient's room in response to unsafe or threatening behavior, either by the patient or often by a parent. A Seattle Times investigation finds Code purple is invoked more than twice as often for black patients than for white patients. It's a form of institutional racism. That in part, led to the resignation of Dr Ben Danielson as medical director of the Odessa Brown Children's Clinic, part of the Seattle Children's System, Danielson tells KCTS Seattle Children's own assessment revealed the disparity a decade ago, finding that security was just proportionately called on families based on the color of their skin. 10 years ago and then sitting on that there's a tacit acceptance and since there's a complicity of like, Yeah, we know this and we're not gonna do anything about it. A Seattle Children's spokesperson acknowledges the issue. Telling the Times systemic and institutional racism exists across our healthcare system and Children's is not immune. The spokesperson ads The hospital's goal is to eliminate the code purple disparity altogether.

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