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Oh yeah, we got a lot of this spend the junk today. Jump starts now. Does. I mean, right, thank you. Steven, welcome to the job. I'm Rachel Nichols joined by our insiders glow and the hall of Famer Jackie. You make it, you got to, you know, use it for the rest of time. All right. So we were a little busy, busy busy here. The jump yesterday answer. I knew the Jimmy Butler situation was also brewing, but let's be honest. It has been months, right? We've been talking about the locker room dynamic, Minnesota. What is you me Butler? Think of Karl Anthony towns. What is Karl Anthony towns? Think of Andrew, Wiggins, but does Andrew Wiggins. Think of Tom Izzo it's like being trapped any sixth grade lunch table on and on endless circles. Everyone heard it was messy. Nothing ever seemed to really change. Yeah, that's over. Let's see. In just the past two days, Jimmy met with Tibbs. Minnesota. Oh, wait. No. The meeting got moved to Los Angeles where they were supposed to get on the same page before training camp opens a wait. No, the Atlantic reported the Butler ask for trade, which was huge and meant that Tibbs the coach was going to have to have a, you know, heart to heart with Tim's the team president race, right? Oh, wait, no ten. Tim said, he's not interested in dealing Jimmy right now. Oh, wait, no, is reporting the Jimmy still wants a trade and would like to go to the Knicks nets or clippers? Oh eight. No, whoa. Jeff date, Jimmy actually prefers the clippers specifically, but also it's going to be hard to work out a trade quickly. So Butler is likely to start the season in Minnesota. Oh, wait. No, that might be a problem because when the Butler trade news was breaking Andrew Wiggins brother sent out this tweet hollow yet. And I mean, hey, maybe it wasn't directed at Jimmy, right? Maybe we brother is really religious, maybe. Oh, wait. No, Jimmy responded to Wiggins brother with this video..

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