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Get mortgage and now back to okay so I think that's a perfect segue then when it comes to having an honest discussion about what's happening in Contemporary Society you've been one of the most outspoken brexit supporters one of the people that I think is kind of giving it intellectual backing so we touch on this a little bit two years ago so it's hard to believe this is still being being discussed but for the layman who knows nothing about brexit what was brexit about. Let's just do that in two or three minutes and then we'll get caught up to where we're at now yes so in my view brexit. This is the most important political issue in the Western world. What happened is in June two thousand and sixteen which is long ago now seventeen? It's it's crazy. Seventeen point four million British people voted to leave the European Union. That's the largest block of voters in the history of the United Kingdom that many people have never voted for anything so they voted to we includes me seventeen point four million people voted to leave the European Union because the European Union is an anti-democratic technocratic bureaucratic illiberal. PC institution which just drains the life out out of democracy and freedom of speech all these other key issues so we were right. I believe to oppose your opinion. So we voted against the the idea it was that we would have this referendum and whatever we decided would be acted upon we were told that again and again and again by David Cameron who was then the prime minister three plus plus years later we're still in the European Union. We haven't left and it looks increasingly like we won't leave so there is now talk of having a second referendum. There is now talk of simply overriding the vote. There is now talk of parliament using its power to deprive the public of the thing that they voted for and simply plea preventing it from happening. I think if that happens it will be it will be an apple. It will be a really key event in the history of of Britain because what it will say is that we are no longer really a democratic nation. We are no longer really a democracy. We're no longer a nation that take seriously ordinary people I think so I think a lot of people across the Western world really should be keeping a close eye on brexit because if Brexit doesn't happen than the whole nature of democracy the whole democratic era which has existed for a few hundred years we'll be called into question because basically at that point plenty of other western leaders who might have some Teheran tendancies might go. Well Guess. It doesn't really matter if I win or lose an election because look what happened over there delay delay delay log enough until the people neither start flipping where we can make up enough lies or demonize enough people then that's right congrats to me. I'm still in power. That's right and you know a lot of people use to look to the United Kingdom for a democratic example and I was thinking about this recent. It was recently the thirtieth anniversary of the Cinnamon Square massacre when you had hundreds hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens on the streets of Beijing and across China demanding democratic rights demanding the right to freedom demanding the right to choose bad bad government a very basic right that people you and I take for granted which people in China don't have and when that massacre happened thirty years ago in one thousand nine thousand nine British Democrats British liberals British humanists were talking about it all the time they were fully in favor of these people who are struggling for the right the democracy to for the right to a democratic say in their lives and in their communities on the thirtieth anniversary however there was a real sense of silence the lot of British liberals who would normally have made a big fuss about the Tiananmen Square massacre and the and the authoritarianism of the Chinese gene didn't say anything and I was thinking about by this and I thought okay this makes sense. It's because you are now on the same side as the Chinese regime and that's not to say you're going to drive tanks into trial square like the Chinese Chinese regime did into Tiananmen Square and massacre people or kill people but you on the same side in the sense that you think democracy is overrated. You think people shouldn't have free fair say in how their community or society is organized and I thought that silence is I think you'll point is absolutely right right there are so many people around the world who looked to the UK and to other Western nations America to for an example off people having a real say in how their lighter organized who now will no longer do that and you have foreign regimes around the world who will look at the way really right and and they'll see that there are members of parliament and government officials who are hell bent on over riding the largest democratic vote in the history three of our country and those regimes will say. Let's do the same thing so let's just break down a little of the chronology of this whole thing so so the vote is about two years ago in the June of two thousand six hundred twenty six yeah and then how soon were supposed to be in motion straightaway it was supposed to happen very very quickly and David Cameron who was Prime Minister and George Osborne who was the chancellor of the executive. He was the in charge of the economy. These these two figures who were the leading figures in the United Kingdom argued that it would happen straight away we will listen to you. We will act upon what you say okay. We will do it right off the bat so everyone was expecting that would happen. In a matter of weeks or months and people went to the ballot box with that view in in mind they thought right this is the this is the first election in which I'm not simply being asked to choose between party who will run the country. We're all ask that in every single election we take part in. This was a different election. This was an election in which we were being asked to decide the political makeup of the nation the constitutional channel nature of the nation's. Should we be entangled with the European Union or should we be completely independent of it so a lot of voters. I spoke to said that this is the first time they felt that the vote had real consequence and change the country entirely so people relish the opportunity voter turnout went up enormously. It was seventy two percent. Normally it's around sixty percent so there was a huge rise in but turnout especially in working class areas and poor areas where people don't normally vote and people came out in the millions and said let's leave the European Union and they expected it would happen very quickly more than three years later. It's still what happened that caused the pause the delay and now the possible reversal of this entire well the the the key issue is the the political class doesn't want to leave the European Union I mean this is the great tension in the United Kingdom the moment and I think is actually reflected acted in American politics to a certain extent to and across Europe in fact as well in the UK a majority of voters want to leave the your opinion but a majority of the political class doesn't and that's the key tension say for example fifty two percent of people voted to leave the European. That's the majority majority seventeen and a half million but in the political class seventy percent of members of parliament voted to stay in the European Union with the Labor Party not which is all version of the Democrat Party. It was ninety five percent ninety five percent of labor. MP's voted to stay in the European Union. Yeah I mean that is how utterly disconnected the supposedly left wing party is from public sentiment is simply extraordinary that ninety five percent of Labor Abra. MP's as against just forty eight percent of the public voted to stay in the European Union so we have this difficult historically unprecedented situation where the people want one thing and the political class one another and the great unfortunate the thing is that the political class is getting its way so okay so I think the average person listening to this at least from an American Lens we go well. Wait a minute. We have elections and PAT PAT her. What the result is incumbents? Get booted and they gotta go. We bring in this guy this whole thing abbots they keep telling us that trump's never going to leave office but in many ways you will yeah except this election okay all that to what actually is happening. I mean are they literally. Just that that percentage that seventy percent said they're just saying we're not going to put the processes in motion that would allow for we're just so they're not denying that they're denying the will of the People Patrick asking right or are they or they're saying you were tricked right doesn't that you were tricked into voting for this and we're doing better for that's the key thing so so they would never never openly say we hate the will of the people you think you're all idiots and we're just going to ignore you got a little better right so they they put a spin on it they put they put a kind kind of pc gloss on the fact that they are actually undermining the democratic process so what they say is we were tricked. We rely too. We're all bunch of idiots. It's we're racist. Xenophobic the phrase they use his low information you are which is a fancy phrase for stupid but but that's what they say you'll low information. You didn't have all the information you didn't understand the consequences of leaving the European Union educated enough you knots which on enough you you know. Even people like Richard Dawkins have been saying it was wrong and stupid to entrust such big political decision to ordinary people because because they think we are inferior to his tweet on that it's me but it's such an important moment because I think it really sums up where politics is going where politically correct act politics is politics going because what is doing. It's creating this almost this neo aristocracy where you have this layer of people who think they I know better than us. They know how you should speak in Asia how you should behave and how you should think and they are superior to us that they are educated. They went to the right universities. They have the right attitudes and then down here. There are the kind of the throng the masses the idiots who don't speak in the right way who don't have the right attitudes who aren't Pete Heat sufficiently. PC who aren't sufficiently woke and they can be bossed around they can be ignored. They can be told what to do told what to think so I think actually that the a war against brexit which is fundamentally a war against democracy actually speaks to the political culture off the Western world more broadly where you have this the creation of this to tip political system where the top you have the switched on elites who think they know better than the rest the bus and they have no concern at all about bossing US around and censoring us and demonizing US and telling us we're stupid and blocking king the things that we vote for so I think at the heart of Brexit what we can see is is the elites war against supposedly deplorable.

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