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Right so kylo smashes it crushes which apparently is something that ryan johnson asked kathleen kennedy in his initial pitch for the film can error the math yes he was like you essentially the way this move pitch worked with rushie brought him in and sat him down and said we want you to episode it what do you think yeah and he was like i don't know let me think about he claims he did not think that's what they were right the maybe a spinoff they were anna and then he said well can i read the fourth way conscripts here's the script and he said okay well there's a bunch of things we don't want to do here they all are and one of them was i need to smashes helmet really early on and they were like prime time which doesn't make sense for the ark of this character which i think is the most interesting arc of the film and i think is the best performance of the movie it it's driver driver is unbelievable unbelievable is an extremely good performance i remember when he's great mls that fucking what's it called uh that uh sitting shed on movie with zero jews that this is widely aliuwiya when that was like adam drivers starting to take off and sean levy the great oh tour sean levy the maestro himself if trevor owes the captain and he's still montana houma come up what's up he said like i was on set with driver and i went like well this is the major actor of his generation i was like fucking sean levy you don't know anything who are did major actor of his generation and it does kinda feel like it on drivers like shaping up to maybe be especially when you look at the fucking directors he's worked with yes he's great i have no objection it i love as burma's blank and win blessed act to us here now he he might i mean let's let's see where he sells in my blank is this year puts me looking at my watch different winky's yeah.

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