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Data that will be generated in the year. Twenty thirty needs finance sixty three iphones per individual distort. This means more monetization opportunities and technologies like fiji which offer real time data access with limited. Latency that can really reshape many business models one. Such imaging business rent is subscriptions they. Both consumers and also enterprises are gradually moving away towards recurring payment models that offer better and also faster online services. They believe penetration of digital subscription will increase significantly in the coming ticket. So there are a lot of exciting themes to conserve within the technology space or the communicate and sunday. How are these digital trends getting translated into real world opportunities multibillion-dollar opportunities from looting digital things and let me highlight four areas. Where i'm personally the most excited about first digital subscription business model as earlier. It's still in the elitist and we expect the addressable market jumped from six hundred fifty billion dollars in twenty twenty to one point five trillion in twenty twenty five off an average of in person per annum. The second exciting opportunities fi will be expect annual feige cap expending should jump from sixteen billion in twenty twenty two hundred fifty billion in twenty twenty or almost nine times growth and asia is clearly the key road. Rather be and the strong ruled. The thirty years rid technologies like machine learning and natural language processing are increasingly or opted and we expect industry revenues to grow from eighteen billion dollars in twenty twenty to forty five billion dollars in twenty twenty five or almost twenty percent average android. Finally fintech option is picking up and the rising trend of contactless payments during the pandemic is.

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