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The bat scheme to play a little bit better in colorado the rockies complete the sweep pretty sure of the of the mariners at home there as they win four to three over the weekend tyler anderson was great he went six innings runs allowed five hits one walk six strikeouts he gets a notice in because this game was incited late on a walk off home run by trevor story his twentieth of the season in walk off walk up to twenty total walk off home run and in the majors the only run of that game came from story that was his twentieth the auditors beat the angels five threes they would not freeway series there in la money grondahl hit his thirteen th homer of the season as he pays that offense for the dodgers go homerun from kiki hernandez his sixteenth of the season home runs for the angels came from marseille his fourth of season for angels over there and the final game of the day the cubs beat the padres seven to four as they complete this week there matt lauer or eric lower after his great start against the dodgers gets rocked he goes up five runs over two innings pitched and i was all he would see john lewis gets the win he was when five to five hundred thurs innings three runs allowed six three walks seven strikeouts give a home run to christian villa in the wave his nineteen th of the season hunter renfro added his seventh of the season late night game no home runs for the cubs but they got the win seven to four all right we'll come back and talk about the homerun derby little bit will go through the bracket style of the homerun derby will give you my predictions as well as who i like to win the all star game and we'll talk about that when we come back so everybody stay tuned.

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