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Because it was a i mean we. We pretend it was a big deal. It was not a big deal in terms of society. It was a big deal in terms of our society. So it didn't change anything materially. It changed our mood changed the activism. There began to be a an activist element that had been buried in in sub rosa. Things like the mattachine society But there were eight. Didn't you didn't feel any different when you were out about on the town. But i was first of all i was as a fabulous i was like bisexual had girlfriends and i always thought that was what i wanted to do. And the certain point. I realized that if i really wanted to marry a woman and have children with her she deserved better than a guy who was going to go. Skulking off the greyhound as stations to pick up a sailor and i that was when they say gay is a choice. I made a choice to be my authentic self as opposed to masquerading. Somebody else right back at that time. I know i came out about probably ten years or so after you did. And it wasn't really a whole lot of comprehension for even for us as to what it meant to be a gay encounters but you didn't understand the concept of a gay lifestyle and having a gay partner for a long time or having a permanent relationship it was. It was difficult to come to terms with that. Well i yeah i. i think that. That's that was absolutely. You're absolutely right. I mean because a you you had affects royal drive and you exercise. But that didn't mean you were looking to live that life. It meant you were looking to satisfy scratch that hitch and that you had other plans for your actual life and at a certain point you realized this was going to be a fundamental part of your life and you might as well adjust. Adjust your sights and there was also of course no no concept of coming out at that time. People didn't make declarations They it was all very quiet in coming out happened later. And i'm glad i did because it was the only way to be got nash. Visibility the idea of actually announcing to the world and having enough pride to announce to the world that you were gay and it was okay That that came later on that was a a separate piece of activism that got subtraction.

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