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You. Thank you. Thank you. I kind of like that one, too, right? Grabow Carabobo. Hey, listen, I You guys brought back some memories. I was gonna actually calling about the submarine. But I have a couple of other ones that you may not remember. Maybe you do, all right. Scott from Sarasota, by the way. The one of them was. It was like you attached to balloon to a little plastic thing. You blow the balloon up, and then it would fly around like a little. Uh, blue around the room until around out. Ofher. Um, kept me fascinated for quite a while when I was five years old. Which probably says something about me mentally, uh, the other one that was really cool was a little, um, Terreri, Um, it was like a little plastic thing. And they got a little little teeny, tiny terrarium where, like you have this little garden that grows in a plastic bubble. That is exactly right. And I was I thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen. When I was a little kid, by the way, Speaking of old toys like I'm sure you do You remember blowing bubbles in your little kid, right? Yeah, I'm not gonna fall for that one. That's unfortunate. You gotta live alone. Who are you? Hello. Do this trick. How are you today Trick. I just want to ask you. Do you remember a serial code right grins, smiles, giggles and laughs. Serial called grin, smiles, giggles and laughs. Yeah, they were trying to jump on the snap crackle pop. That boy's name One was grand one with smiles more with giggles. One was last or something. A neighbor of four different characters. It was only around for about. I mean, I've only knew about it for about a year or so, but I remember they pelted your commercials on Saturday mornings and whatnot. Sounds like Derek rip off brand like when they would try to make the fake lucky charms that you could only it was supposed to tell us and they One of the prizes they had were little tiny cars on the back of the box. They had a race track that you could cut out and drive the cars on it. And another one. Do you remember raises rice and rye? Remember crispy wheat and raisins? But I don't remember really raises Rice and rye. If they come out, I guess because of the ride, but it'll be like the gosh. Big gun. Big golly, we're raising twice and Roy. Oh, man. No, you got we were living in different different serial universes is It was pretty much the same egg. So you know who knows? All right. Well, thanks, Trig. Appreciate that. Good talking you, man. You as well, My friend later. Hell, yeah. You gotta live. Go ahead. Hey, Drew. Hi. I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, But when you're bored, call it toilet time He could jump on eBay and by those old serial toys, I would feel ridiculous doing that because I think the joy was not in the toy itself. The joy was in the process. Of extracting the toy from the puffed out serial in which it dwelt. I agree with you 100%. However, you will find some humor in seeing that one of the captain Crunch figurine sells for 75 bucks. Oh, my God. I wish I had held on to that. Thank you. I appreciate that. Did you gotta live? Go ahead. Hey, Group. Hi. Hey, I was calling about different cereals, please, with the head of toys. Yeah, There was a knock off that Syria was found. Hey, candy. Can you say again? What It's called. I didn't hear you. What's it called? Hey, candy! Hey, Candies nuts! Go all over your face. You obvious dick face. Come on, man. He's got you with your own joke.

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