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FM so Peter you're just talking about an aspect of starry wisdom which the caller had highlighted about introducing what a computer virus into DNA yeah it's a it's called bio hacking it's an actual thing as a couple of years ago was in twenty seventeen I believe university of Washington students were able to do this they took to a gene sequencing machine which are getting really inexpensive these days are getting more and more accessible to more more people like crisper it technology as well really which is like gene splicing equipment a kind of a gene editing equipment let's say and they were able to assemble a mall where a computer virus program it into a DNA molecule so when the gene sequencer at a target institution would read the DNA molecule the code would assemble itself in that computer then I **** with the reading and then create a computer virus it was benign but they did it this is proof that it could be done so because the genetic code is basically a digital code and I write about that a lot and and some of my other books but also in starry wisdom I go into detail about this as well and I'd like to say I I basically foot on everything but in the novels I tried not to footnote two months that would kind of break up the flow everything that I talk about from that perspective is is based on you know it's based on research is based on fact so this this thing happened in the university of Washington I remember that now in twenty seventeen and they were able to at some conference table to to show how they did it so this is part of the problem that we face now because the equipment is becoming really inexpensive high schools have this equipment in very short time in a couple of years you're gonna find gene sequencing and crisper technology everywhere and see the implications for that are enormous yes in my high school is worried about kids making smoke bombs in science class that's going to sound kind of cute and quaint exactly wildcard waltz is in Allentown on coast to coast wall Dr bonded please forgive me as you know I also call last evening so I beg your forgiveness you're you're not the only one so ever I think so go ahead yep you had a question why not I agree with you that the role of stems from apathy to a certain degree but also from ignorance not even if I may be a little irreverent and saying what I'm going to say is in my opinion our so called the holy Bible and our holy Karan orange evil as mine com now if I can briefly a good explain myself mind confidence was settlers diatribe declaring that stuff if you know the the blonde blue eyed Arian race was the so called match the race but the whole theme of the your off of the Old Testament is that the Jews are the quote unquote chosen people about it I I if I may say so I'm going to my may sound a little red rimmed laws the Jews are the chosen people does that make the rest of us chopped liver I think you're missing the point of that though it's not just Jewish people the argument about chosen was that there may have been other other hominids at that time but that our legacy our spiritual legacy our our our connection to a divine comes through the the garden story so that there was a group that was chosen to succeed while these other groups failed and so by that we're not talking about religions we're talking about like the adder tall or some of the other hominids that might have existed at one time but let's go ahead and get Peter on that Peter yes or no did the chosen people think in the mist misinterpreted you know a lot and I don't think that it it's really intended to mean that the the Jews are a superior race in the way that Hitler meant the Aryans the so called Aryans were a superior race I don't think it's the same thing I mean the way I heard it described when I was very young with a very the Jews were chosen to receive the word of god right now but it did make them once they receive that they gave it to everyone it wasn't a question of you know the Jews themselves being a special rates are set apart from everyone else but if you could misinterpret the Old Testament that way I mean since you sure can all kinds of different ways and and mistranslated as well so I think we're in Forney territory there well it's it's at least a broader conflict this is what I'm trying to say sure right it's a broader conversation then something reduced to just that so that's what makes it thorny it's like well that's that's a fair start but that's not what we're gonna finish but we don't have time to finish that so we'll go first time caller line with Robert in Altoona Robert hi how are you doing Brian good you're you're talking with Peter live under okay I I'll make this there I have just a couple quick comments thanks for taking my call actually the first time I ever got on the air glad to have you got bless you zero yeah I think Walt did the Bible more in this game you must understand the end user hard on that but if for evil also one comment I have is it was once very wisely said because we are a fallen and perfect great and I can't remember who said that it's driving me crazy but it was I think was a writer and he said there is no evil of what use single human heart is not capable yeah everybody has a dark side the other comment I and I'll take my response is off the air is are you familiar with the nineteen fifty six movie forbidden planet sure yeah at my all time favorite movie and I'll tell you why it it it makes of it most people don't get the point of that movie because what's the problem one of them point of it it takes place in the future and Walter Pidgeon played main character Dr Maura the they find a machine made by an alien race thank and the machine will perfect your intelligence even though he was intelligence was perfect what happened he still had that dark side and the machine actually gain physical form through his dark side that's why the monster recalled it I had actually separated it from his mocking he would follow in the like a slate when someone angered him even if some colleges they only showed that is one part in the movie when it's hot in the federal nectar defense field because it's been visible sure very stable don't get the point the dark side of doctor Morbius is full of mine that's right how old he is fair enough well I'm sure a lot of people will the priest that addition and next time they see it they will see it for more than just the the birth of Robby the robot I believe too right east of the Rockies Joe is in Long Island on coast to coast AM Joe one you know in the seventies your around these people which is say this may be one set that up for you as a non participation are they going to direct higher to achieve not participating and then with movies such as game of thrones are right those people are sentenced a walking all of the people but they don't seem to identify the players like aerial stand ten year old girl I believe that was the characters that the guy you know they would ever anticipate someone like that doing that so so they seem to miscalculate within their sinister and assistant who might do what and what time and the thing at the end it was at the very end of that movie was interesting for us the they couldn't get out the helicopters you know then work and then the electricity went off and now the the weather it's going to hundred below an age of you know have that face off and they're just looking at each other and you know the ending is not gonna be that either one of them banks Peter yeah I guess I'm trying to figure out what I should respond to in that it's okay we've got some other people who are hanging on being around being around with but one thing I can respond as being around those people that and not joining any of these groups of these organizations they knew of from the get go that I I wasn't going to write but I was around constantly so they just got used to me and you know we have very good intelligent conversations and all of that so there was not a question of you know them hello holding themselves aloof from me or me holding myself loose from them I hung out with all of these people are just simply didn't join their organizations and they didn't seem to hold that against me Mike is in Virginia beach on coast to coast AM for Peter live and Mike thank you very much Peter you talked about your time as you can you're going to a bookstore in New York where all the which is an occultist and hung out and you said that the shore AT ball all the definite G. wall that appeared was shuttle on that ledge on knowledgeable Jesus Christ himself said that men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil now tonight I heard of a best selling author determines the slider on CNN describe exactly where the money came from that brought to your door row hotel and Country Club that the trunk was determined to have beer G. O. twenty some of that not sure your hair appeared does he want gonna hold it there anymore now here is what determines the slider said he said not only did the money to buy that comes from the DOJ bank which was the only bank that would lend him money yeah that happened to be but Deutch bank that has been laundering money problems just pushes or any government illegal ways we know where the evil live it is hiding from the life of Jenna three Schneider okay not the question that appears on my screen that you're going to ask so we'll just leave that there for now and go to Melinda I'm a first time caller line in Sedona on coast to coast AM Melinda are hi there yeah on I'm kind of nervous I have actually been in touch with one of these alien non human entity and I don't think that they're evil per se not on I think that on what it is is that they're so different from us that we can't describe you know good and evil to them only if if children alien mentality all and I think that may be body is fighting evil for them we don't know what good and evil are ultimately because if you if you assume that on like we have different lives and we're learning in our different lives that you know maybe something that looks evil in the flight that's helping our growth ultimately okay as interested Peter thought yes I mean that's that's one way which does two aspects what you said one was you know having an experience of of an alien entity the idea is that to ascribe good or evil to add to it whatever it is would be the work will be false would be non productive because we're just not on the same page is what I've been saying you know this since the beginning of our of our discussion we just don't we don't have definitions ourselves for for good and evil were still struggling with the concept of evil we may know when evil happens we may look at something and say that was evil right there but to really to understand it to to give it a shape in a form and to predict it which is what you know scientists would have to do right have to be a repeatable experiment that would have to think that is always evil we have a hard time with that and we're still struggling with it which is why I'm I'm saying we should maybe slow down on the A. I. for free gene splicing we're doing to get a handle on it but of course that would mean we won't but you can see exactly what we never have wildcard line.

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