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You build up to it here. Dave Nolan Aaron Otto traded to the Cardinals getting applause or something. Dave. What's the What's the What's the payoff here? We're gonna build up. We're still we're still rampant their radio thing, But you can tell that was not playing. David started hitting a drum rolls and Chris is going. What are you doing with this? Yeah, it started with no winner Renato of the Colorado Rockies getting moved to the ST Louis Cardinals, which for Giants fans, you're like, Damn, That's not a bad man. The Cardinals when they plucked Paul Goldschmidt a couple of years ago from the Arizona Diamondbacks, another pulling the best third baseman in baseball. Yeah, I'm saying it. Matt Chapman is right there, probably and if it comes to gloves That's happened is personally I probably given the edge over Nolan Aaron. I know and no one. They're not home. I tell you that match. Chapman of the A's is the better third baseman. However, as an all around player, the guy was gonna drive in 130 runs over here and Have 35 home runs. Does it shock you to know that no one ever not already has more gold gloves and Scott Rolen got rolling six for his career. We looked at him like he was the the next coming of Brooks Robinson. You don't mean that third base and here's Aaron. Ah built dude taking balls from his knees like 15 ft into foul territory. Anyway, I thought that was kind of good news. I was like, Damn, this is this is big for the Giants. One of the big bats. One of the all time giant killers now out of the division would have to worry about him anymore. Timlin sickened by the way, somewhere, looking around going like man, Goldschmidt and error. In auto out of this division. Like what? Away that now, If the Giants could only get Wil Myers out of the NL West will be in, we'll be in pretty good shape, but he's hanging around, at least for now, with the slam, Diego Padres. Then we get to Saturday and this was the one that kind of rocked the weekend, I think and mostly because 40 Niner fans, we were all dialed into this thing, And this is what sort of crack me up over the last week is we get a lot of I'm not trying to hammer anybody. Everybody's trying to find their outlet, everybody trying to find their platform. But there were a lot of reports from from We'll call them. Blog's will call them like we can call it 49 or Twitter. If you want to call it that it's just kind of that zone where there were quote reports that the 40 Niners were finalizing a deal. None of the major 40 Niner beat writers have this Cam Newton where Cam Inman wasn't reporting this Matt Miyoko was not reporting this. Jennifer Lee Chan was not reporting this basically, none of the 40 Niners beat writers were reporting that it was a done deal. And as you can imagine, or I think, as we know now, there were gonna be a ton of teams in on matched effort. That Stafford was going to be the quarterback that more teams were in on them to Shawn Watson because he was probably more attainable. And if you look at what the Detroit Lions were able to get for Matt Stafford, I think a lot of people would say, Boy, the Lions may have won that trade. It was Ah Hall based on the number of first rounders they got. They got a third rounder. This year. They got a first rounder next year and the first rounder in 2023 from the lion from the Rams in exchange as well as Jared Goff in exchange. For Matt Stafford. So if you're if you've been under a rock for the last couple of days matched effort now in L. A ram, which sends kind of ripples and reverberations around the league. We knew how many teams were in on quarterbacks this year. If you're a 40 Niner fan, and you're looking at the quarterback situation, you've now got to beg the question. Value versus what you have in house, right? Would you have rather given up the amount of equity and draft capital That the Rams did to get a guy like matched effort. Now, the counter to that is that the Rams the other questions are the Rams closer to competing yet again, then the 40 Niners Rams. We're just in the playoffs. The Rams have the number one defense in the NFL this year in four seasons of Sean McVeigh. It's a three playoff berths. One time they were the number one seed in the NFC West they made were it were the two. We have to go back and check that season shot McVeigh's first year remember, they had the bye week. That was Jimmy's first year. That was all part of the five game win streak at the end of that season, where The Rams come to town. They end up sitting all their players week. 17 Jimmy beats the Rams. They end up getting their bye week, and then they get rolled out of the first round. It was the two weeks off the rest versus rust. So the question now is, And maybe it's a philosophical thing between the 40, Niners and the Rams. And it's true. The Rams have been one of the more volatile or liberal with their their draft picks and their money spending since John McVeigh showed up, then maybe any team in football. Check this out. The Rams now after moving their draft picks this year and next year, and the year after the as of right now have not used a first round draft pick that belonged to them since 2016. It was the year they drafted Jared Goff number 1 2016 before Sean Shopping Day as a head coach. The Rams has never made a selection in the first round of the NFL draft, and that crazy and he's coached a Super Bowl. And he's been to the playoffs three times, and he's got the number one defense in the league. It's crazy stuff. So the other part of this is there a team that every year because of the amount of money they spend because of their philosophy on bringing in these sort of high priced veteran proven players. They went. They got Jalen Ramsey they went in. They got in Dominican Sue a couple years ago. Remember, they went, they actively sought out. Brandon cooks through him on their roster and you keep thinking. How do they keep adding these players? They've got so much money allocated to Aaron, Donald and Jalen Ramsey and actually after they signed Jared Goff. To that extension a couple years ago. You're going, boy. They're gonna be committed to this guy for $140 million. Which begs the question this offseason. Why would you move Jared Goff. If you just pay him or why would you pager and golf and then look to turn around and move him. And I think the answer to that is it's just sort of the nature of doing business with the quarterback in today's game in 2020 and 2021 after they go to a Super Bowl a couple years ago, you can't allow Jared Goff to just walk away. You can't say that's it. He's gone because we didn't win the bull. You've got to make sure you've got somebody under contract because one of the worst situations in football to be in is to roll into a season or an off season with a quarterback who would have done you better than anybody who's out there on the free agent market. Have a trade market this offseason is obviously different, and you start to wonder about like I was shocked to hear that the Carolina Panthers We're in.

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