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Would be a i. E e e e e and for about a year long period. When i was starting to watch films as i was going through my very very very early teens slash late nine year olds. I always used to wonder why when people were shot in the films they didn't go. That was not made. If you've got shot which would have made her a very different robocop. wouldn't it rally anyway. The haunted mantelpiece ladies and gentlemen a marble mantelpiece originally from dinsdale house in county. Galway was bought by a school. Turn dublin christy o'neil. He was busy in his workshop late one evening when he happens to glance towards the mantelpiece he saw the shadowy figure of its whole man standing beside it when he moved towards it. The figure vanished. But it majorly afterwards. Pieces of marble rose up. Apparently of their own accord a moved about the studio both the sculpture and his family had strains of music. O.'neil made some enquiries at duns. Dale almost was told that the toll ghost had indeed been seen in the castle but not since the fireplace and being sold. This tele came to the attention of the american ghost. Hunter the american ghost hunter hans holzer during a visit to ireland holder. Received a further account from roger kilbride. Who in one thousand nine forty have been part of a detachment of soldiers belittled ability even belittle. They were belittle outdoors so stupid sausage. We are now. They were billeted in domesday house. He was a cook. Sergeant and with his team was bedded down in the dining room. When about fifty minutes after midnight they head the sound of violin playing they attributed it to another member of the troop one comedy who had a violin on which he played irish as but this they agreed was not irish but high class music stuff. What's not bodily racist next morning. They found the comedy ponder fiddle anyway and that the definitely no radio playing the mystery of the music was not resolved. Need did not hear it again. Brin nine hundred fifty seven radical bride rather story in the newspaper the sunday review about a haunted fireplace from don dale house.

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