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We do every single Thursday. We get into annex. T and somebody who is got US emotionally invested in this rollercoaster ride, and that's Drake Maverick. Even in a loss he wins will explain why on this edition of the busted open podcast. With into E. Main event between Cody Rhodes and jungle boy, and a couple of possible seeds planted when it comes to cody Rhodes. We'll explain all that. On this edition of the busted open podcast. Drake Maverick ain't going anywhere. He is still an NFC superstar even in the loss. And what a wonderful job! You know you talk about storytelling. This is something that we don't see on Monday night raw where you really are emotionally invested in Drake Maverick and in the process they got that cruiserweight championship over as well because early on in the tournament. I'm like. Why should I get up for this? Because that cruiserweight and the tool five live? Live and everything else. How can I get emotionally invested in this tournament? While they gave you a reason to be emotionally invested in tournament, and it was drake, Maverick, really good match and you know you got the phantom driver in youth, and the one two three, and you think Oh my God. It's all over Drake Mavericks. Career is finished and then triple eight comes out with that annexed he contract, and he signs it and he's still. Superstar and then you saw drake maverick in tears, and we've seen a lot of tears from Drake Maverick, but that was the one point, and this is just a slight criticism on my part. I didn't want to see the tears there. Because we've seen enough of it, you know He. He teared up. He kind of fell into triple H is arms I. would have been like if Drake Maverick had a little bit attitude there and been like damn right took that pen from triple eight sign that contract and I deserve this I worked my ass off, and now I'm back with an x t, but that's just a small criticism I. Love the story. Story I love the emotional connection and I thought that was a great job by annex. T last night I I kind of agree with what you're saying about. The tears because the tears, especially when standing next to a man who's so much bigger than him in stature, it almost comes across like a crying child, but storyline wise the tears, our full circle, remember this all started on social media with drake, Maverick press and play on his twitter, machine and recording US shoot Promo about him, possibly being released and seeing where his career is going to go from here. And he broke down in tears and two point six million viewers later. THAT'D BE W. Took notice so ending in tears is kind of a good way to bring the story full circle, but like I said when you got hunter out. There large grown ass man. With facial hair brother. As opposed to you know, and then he got little old spotty. They're crying and kind of like you know in hunters, arms does come across I wanNA. I WANNA see. Drake Maverick the man I wanna see the perception of him being a a man on his own feet, as opposed the perception, being like a crying little boy..

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