Who Will Be Banned From Cruising When Restarts?


Unwittingly and very easily added to that crews ban list crews boundless that has got longer due to post pandemic cruising rules. I'm gary bambridge. And i'm going to share with you. The nine ways you can be banned from cruising. Let's start with three new bands that will apply basically because of all the post pandemic cruising rules not having a code. Vaccination will like it or not mean. You're likely to be banned from some. If not eventually all almost cruising although it still evolving your light banned from cruising without a vaccine in the following situations first of all you want to work as crew on the ship or even work as guest speaker entertainer or even talk guide. More lines are making this a condition of employment with royal carribean group norwegian cruise groups. One lennick victory and american steamboat. Already saying that this is going to be the case and other lines are actively discussing it. Secondly if you want to cruise lines that have made a requirement for passes so far that includes at the time of according crystal cruises saga cruises american steamboat and victory cruz. Who have an older passenger profile. No-doubt more cruise lines will follow. Thirdly if you're cruise 'cause on any country that requires a vaccination as a condition of entry. This in my view is inevitable and this is going to become much more widespread in cruising. We're seeing many countries in the european area like greece spain and cyprus there pushing for all of the eu to adopt the rule. They already put in place to allow people in without containing and putting no limits on exploring if you've had a vaccine linked to that irrespective of what happens on vaccines cova. Testing is a key part of the returned crews protocols and looks like it will be that for a while. You will be bad if you test positive before boarding of course but also importantly you will also be banned from cruising if you've been in close contact with anyone testing positive for fourteen days before the crews and that's according to various updated crews contracts that i've read and seen so far another new band has come into place through the return to cruise protocols where lies are building into the cruise terms conditions and contracts. The right that they can ban anyone who breaks any of the new guidelines and rules that are being put in place. You agree to these rules. When you book your cruise you ultimately agree to the cruise contracts so for example in the carribean cruise contract. It now says the following quote this any non-compliance by passenger or members of passengers traveling party with carriers coveting policies and procedures shall be grounds for refusal to board refusal to re board after going ashore. Quarantine onboard the vessel disembarkation reporting to cover mental or health authorities or steps deemed necessary so pretty strong ruling. So if you don't wear masks for example you're not honest in the health. Screenings you wander off the cruise line excursions. Your refused to go and do the onboard temperature checks or testing maintaining social distancing steam to the capacity limited venues staying current cavern of asked to do so. And all those kind of things you will be banned and without compensation so now. Let's look at the six other reasons beyond those new rules. We could find yourself subject to accrues ban. Now you can't be banned for simply the wrong age i will. There are a number of adult only cruise lines which banned travelers that are basically two young which is unusual but true so for example saga cruises requires their passengers to be over. Fifty years of age virgin voyagers required guests to be over eighteen and pino crews has some ships for example in their fleet that early open to of eighteenth and so on secondly lines actually banned people under eighteen or twenty one out of the us and canada travelling without an adult now. There are some exceptions to this. So for example. If you're a couple and your age sixteen eighteen or sixteen to twenty one in the case of the united states are married and could prove it when booking. You're allowed to travel or in fact if you're under eighteen or twenty-one and in the military you're able to travel without an adult is also with noting that most lines banned under eighteen hundred twenty once again in the us from sharing a cab with someone also under those ages and the way you get around. That is the adults. You have to be an adjoining cabin next door or right across the hall lines also banned people under eighteen again under twenty one from the. Us her not traveling with their parents or legal guardian without any sort of written permission and also have been banned from taking part in cruises in the us which are quite the cdc as part of their framework for return of cruising but again. That's kind of a bit of an exception now. Thirdly although it varies a little bit byline many band babies age six months or less for shorter cruises and the sheet increases to twelve months or longer for exotic cruises like transatlantic crossings sending any crews. That has three or more consecutive days. Bands kids twelve months or younger in a really obvious one and not surprisingly if you create trouble act in a dangerous way. Break the law or threaten or abuse a crew. You will also be banned by the line and for life. So for example there have been passes. Who'd been trying to create crazy social media viral shots by doing stupid things like climbing of railings. Climb between cabins. They've been banned for life or carribean australian group. Mass brawl on carnival. They were disembarked and they banned for life passes have even been bad after being caught mugging drugs on the ships and other kinds of tax so basically being bad being causing trouble you will be banned one thing. I haven't been able to find out though is if the lion's share that information and if you're then banned by everyone will just that line. Pregnant women are also on the banned list. Anyone who enters a twenty four weeks of pregnancy during the cruise is also bad and this is because the medical team to have no expertise in pregnancy and childbirth however. The band does not always apply for river cruising. So if you are getting later your pregnancy or we'll be late in your pregnancy and your decrease that could be an option. This of course is because river. Cruise ships are always close to medical care and hospitals. The lines also hold the rights and their contracts to deny boarding and banu if you try and bring a pretty wide range of items on board so that includes recreation drugs guns stun devices knives explosive devices swords or the ultimate could be used as a weapon fireworks drones hover boards balloons and it goes on and on but in practice other than for illegal items like recreational drugs. The lies are more like confiscate them. And hold them until the end of the cruise. But beware backpacking choices particularly recreational drugs. Could have you banned. The cruise lines have pretty few bands or exclusions for medical conditions and they are able to accommodate most with notice although they do say in the contracts. And i'm going to quote this. You must ensure that you are medically and physically fit for travel and that such traveling will not endanger yourself or anyone else so you do need to check before boarding as they may required to do things like higher cookman cabin if you need any own let you travel with all bring a carrot assist you and some also restrict or limit support dogs other than guides visually impaired guests. So it's a bit of a mindful that you need to check around the cruise contracts. Say things again. On a quote this guess affected by a disability or medical condition must be self sufficient or travel with someone you can provide all the necessary assistance. So if you can't do that you will be banned

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