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Only this week as you can hear and probably have able to see on youtube because casey is in houston for your to sixty five. He's also throwing out. Just some of the most hipster takes in terms of who is ranked. Where i mean just. It's unbelievable the things that have that he's been saying as of late. But we'll get back to casey next week with another live edition but we figured let's do a show anyways. That's so we're going to do coming off a crazy weekend this past weekend. There's too much talk about the affirmation. Ufc two sixty five coming up on saturday. Lots to discuss and we're going to get right into an real quick. I know i promised you for the second consecutive week. A triple threat match. Unfortunately jed meshu has been under the weather is dealing with with some nastiness so he is out. We have ourselves a canada versus canada civil war type of rematch and let us introduce combatants. Introducing i he principal Tippety the warrior of the way in show the co host of onto the next one and many more accolades. Let us say hello to my best friend. Mr alexander kelly hello aka yes Luckless and last week. I was the one who was unavailable for the triple threat. So i and frankly i would have rather just rematch spencer. One on one. I did not. I thought that was a cool idea. I was like no this is. This is not resolved between us. We don't need to add in another element yet so mike. I'm you did the right thing and re book this match you you this. This is the way to go the triple threat. The triple threat will come. I pick him in jen whoever's but anytime but today i want another shot just that he spends her time there you go and now he's looking to make it three straight wins. Dare i say he is put himself in the conversation for bt l. panelists of the year trying to keep the enemy fighting crew out.

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