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Wanna do in a couple of weeks. The u k plans to fully lift covid nineteen restrictions. Prime minister boris. Johnson had hoped to do that last month but the plan was paused because of rising virus infections with summer in full swing and people itching to travel. Europe is experimenting with a so-called covid passport as european schools begin to break up for some of vacations the eu has rolled out what it calls a digital kobe certificate the past confirms a traveler has either been vaccinated against covid nineteen recently tested negative or is immune having recently had the disease certificate holders can then avoid restrictions like daily testing when travelling overseas in another e. You country the use has two hundred. Million certificates have already been issued simon owen fox news if you thought covid nineteen vaccines were just for people. Think again next in to receive the covid nineteen vaccine animals at the oakland zoo in california. The san francisco bay area zoo immunizing their big cats bears and ferrets against the corona virus part of a national effort to protect animal species using an experimental vaccine the head of the veterinary services at the zoo says none of the animals has gotten the virus but they wanted to be proactive next in line after the cats bears and ferrets are primates in pigs pharmaceutical company so what is is donating eleven thousand doses of the experimental vaccine zoos conservatories and sanctuaries in twenty seven states. Fox's sue guzman. i'm pam from sale and this is fox news. You know you need one but you're putting off creating an estate plan because you think it's complex and expensive thanks to trust and will it doesn't have to be with trust and will dot com setting up a will trust. Guardianship is simple convenient and secure for as little as thirty nine dollars. You can nominate guardians for your children determine who gets your stuff and plan for future medical care. 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Welcome into tomorrow during our twenty six year covering the latest in consumer tech all kinds of cool things available today and into tomorrow this the broadcast for the weekend of friday july second twenty twenty one happy birthday america weekend even though it's actually on monday july fourth but most people are celebrating as we will this weekend. Oh it's on. Sunday taught his on sunday. That's what i meant a lot of companies or or observing it on monday the fifth. Yeah that's what i meant. That's not what i said. No pretend that's what i said it edit all that out. Welcome into tomorrow. Dave grave line. I'm chris grave. Some tech news and commentary enorm- standing by in colorado amongst many other folks who are participating on the program. Not just because you win fabulous prizes because you do when you participate. It really is easy to do and remember the mantra. That cameron's reminding us of win stuff. Thank you and thank you cameron but because we hopefully can answer your tech questions your digital dilemmas. Anything along those lines. Maybe you have helped for another listener you can add to. One of our answers might even be a better answer. Probably would be a better answer if you had a similar experience to a caller we love it when listeners help other listeners or share your tech rage or share your favorite apps these days and why you like them. Why are they favorites. As long as you heard on the air foam in and you win goodies and we keep getting more and more stuff bunch of new stuff again. This week that we've added so if you want to check it out visit into tomorrow dot com. Just look for the post for the cool into tomorrow hot summer giveaway and you see them all listed in check back regularly as we add more so when you call in what should they do just mentioned two or three of the items that we say and We'll try to do our best to get them to. No promises no guarantees. Don't forget the legal stuff is out. But that's the idea has do we want to get you stuff that would be useful to you and we're sure most everything we've got is but mentioned two or three of the items when you call. It'll be best. We talked about the issue with the peleton treadmills and how kids were getting hurt on them. By getting pulled onto the machines they did issue a recall on them but only after some backlash now peleton is threatening to brick customers. Forty three hundred dollar treadmills unless they start paying up. What according to the company. A new feature called tread lock will prevent unauthorized access to the tread. Plus there's just one catch. Tread lock is only available with a monthly subscription to the peleton service. You know it says if they haven't had enough bad news that now they're going to do something like this and just stick it to their customers who have spent a fortune on their crap and that subscription is forty dollars a month. Oh my god palatine alerted customers that going forward don't need to start forking over the monthly fee if they wanna keep using the exercise equipment. They already own out of the kindness of their cold. Hearts peleton has waived the fee for the next three months. So if you're using it tread plus you don't wanna be stuck having to pay an additional forty dollars a month to use it. You've got ninety days to sell it to some other porsche mel. Oh my gosh. That's absurd okay. So don't buy peleton's because y- not only the dangerous. They've hurt people kids a lot. But now they're just ripping you off because apparently it used to be that there was a feature on the pelicans called just run where you don't have to pay for the monthly service to use it. He just put into justin that you spent. What four grand on this stupid pizza gear right. However now it will not work without this feature which is only available through their subscription or. He can disconnect this then. You tend the treadmill just sits there not working because it won't run without a service. Jeez yeah great. Well appropriately more bad news for pelton until they get the big picture. The house judiciary committee sent to the floor. A package of six bills aimed at limiting the power of large technology companies. Like google facebook and apple in a series of votes that lasted into the wee hours of the morning back on june twenty-fourth facebook and google have lobbied the lawmakers very heavily of course to reject the bills suggesting future challenges as the legislation advances. Well let's just hope that our legislators working for the people by the way need to remind them of that. Have the guts to stand up to big tech and take that stand and not worry about their lobbyists pressuring them and given them tons of money to vote in their favors. Remember you work for the people. Good luck with that during virtual talk at mobile world congress this week elon. Musk said that satellite broadband service starlink. We'll be available worldwide except for north and south poles starting in august why what's wrong with polls being prejudiced. That's a like bowls. he said. That starlink is operational now. In twelve countries and more being added every month the high speed broadband service has over eighteen hundred. Low-orbit satellites that have been launched by spacex. Musk estimates that it could cost spacex five billion to ten billion dollars to deploy the high speed internet service compared with other broadband offerings. The service isn't cheap. It costs about one hundred dollars a month and subscribers must buy the necessary satellite dish equipment for five hundred dollars up front. Yeah so you've got to start with that. Yeah wow but if you are truly in a place where there's no alternatives. Then that's the way to go but there's always an alternative like with us net. You're not gonna get extremely high speeds but twenty-five meg is good enough for most people. Yeah well download anyway. I guess the trade off his houston. It doesn't really cover the world. Starlink is because the throwing the satellites everywhere around orbit forget how many thousands they anticipate ultimately clogging space with low or earth orbit but it's thousands that they're going to ultimately have their interesting. Are you like me in every once in a while. You might want to post something on instagram. While you're on your computer instead of just your phone. No because you are not on instagram well. They're reportedly testing the ability to generate post using a web browser on a desktop or laptop. Computer the owner of instagram or igt. Of course his facebook. They confirmed the tests. Saying we're now testing the ability to create a feed post on instagram with your desktop browser. What d- do k. But there has been an occasional time. When i'm just on my desktop or laptop and it would be. Oh that'd be cool to to post and it's not something you've been able to do. I have to then send it to myself. Like in an email of a graphic or picture or something i want to put up and then i have to post it from the phone. So at least they're getting with the program. Kinda sorta yeah. See it seems. Jeff bezos may have trouble getting life insurance for his upcoming spaceflight one way spaceflight that a lot of people are holding for launching one of the richest individuals on earth into orbit has proved a leap too far for insurers who are not quite ready to price the risk of losing jeff bezos or his fellow space travelers discharge him a very very high premium. Yeah there's nearly five hundred million dollars. Market to ensure satellites rockets and unmanned spaceflight. But there's no legal requirement for an operator such as blue origin with spiezio founded to ensure passengers for injury or death or space tourists to have life insurance coverage It kinda reminds me of Reading about the apollo eleven mission and how none of those astronauts could secure life insurance. Yes so what they did was. They left their families with stacks of autographed photos. So that if god forbid something happened they can only sell those autographs and be okay. Yeah at least carry the family forward and covers some of their expenses. Yeah well this is interesting. What a what a dilemma. For poor jeff bezos. And i'm not. I'm not really surprised. If there's no insurance company that wants to give a life insurance policy for the richest man in the world because the they would probably go bankrupt if they had to pay on well what they do is sell them a ten million dollar policy and charge him eleven million dollar premium ago. That'll cover the and it. Sounds like an insurance thing i've said for years. The insurance industry is legalize mafia. So they'll figure out a way to do. i'm sure variety developing its first smart display which incorporates customized amazon alexa technology and features an eight inch screen as well as wi fi bluetooth and four g not five g. Connectivity that Federal communications commission filing the device will reportedly wake when a user says. Hi verizon how original so if you're on verizon or think you might want to be. I don't know why then. I guess you can look for their customized amazon alexa display or just. Here's a thought forget verizon and just buying alexa display that. Yeah jeeze speaking of phone. Companies t mobile has long offered a test drive promotion which allows people in rival wireless providers to get a device to experience its network. The company has quietly taken a new step. That could make it easier to try out switch carriers allowing anyone with an iphone ten s or later. That's on a rival network the ability to download a virtual e sim profile through a t. mobile network test-drive app for okay. Whoa whoa whoa. So a virtual. Sim maybe everybody has a little sim card. That goes in your phone. I used to know what stood for but trust me. It's has to do with your phone number. And making contact and they have a virtual virtual kinda then put your phone on the t. mobile network. Whoa now but this is only for iphone users right right now. Now with downloading this app you'll you'll be given thirty gigabytes of data for thirty days for T mobile doesn't require you to cancel or postpone. Use your current service swap out. Your existing sim card letting you instead compare your carriers coverage to your current providers right from the iphone. You're already using so this could be offer. It could be bad. Could be bad for t. mobile if you've got bad coverage but it could be very good for them but this also tells me how confident they are in their network. Yeah go ahead. You can test our network for free for thirty days. Wow your existing phone and imagine the other network you're on. At and t. r. verizon there's only three In the long run that are gonna say. There's been no activity from this customer for a month. What's going on and you have to pay their bill. I'm sure and the only caveat is at your phone needs to be unlocked from the other carriers now verizon will automatically unlock phones bought on its payment plans after sixty days may tea and tea however requires you to paid off your entire installation plan before they'll unlock your phone nice thanks. At and t. So helpful well. It doesn't matter for me. Because i'm not an eye phony and i'm already on t. Mobile yeah well so am i. It's not that great here. But i've learned that they're all just as bad down here area. That's true it's just. It's just one sucks less than the other. Yeah is ultimately what it is youtube for. Android tv has hit. The one hundred million download milestone doubling its number of users in about a year analysts note that having youtube preinstalled on all android tv devices of course points to the platform's growth because i've got an android tv in my bedroom and yet it's already. They're just like it's already on my android youtube. It doesn't mean you have to use it but it's there so now hundred million downloads. Good good for them. I guess norman broomfield colorado listens to the free into tomorrow podcast using tune in and we love you norm calling using the ask dave button at into tomorrow dot com question on all the new high power charging devices specifically for apple devices their built-in safety factors but they require a special high power cord. I think can you give me some advice. Do i throw away my old apple lightning cables and just stick with the new usb c cables or the usb two lightning cables that are made for these devices. Thanks dave well. You're welcome norm. It depends on what you're plugging your phone into. I mean basically. I don't throw away any cables because there's always going to be you know what i've got. One of those you know and not a horror is in boxes of cables but the point is how many times have we've gone back and said we have that and it works at how many boxes have gone into and said oh wait. There's a bunch of scuzzy cables in here from thirty years ago two different throw those away but the us standard is able to negotiate. How much power to feed a device but newer versions of the iphone can take advantage of more power. Yeah for example. The eleven was reported to be able to take advantage of at least twenty two watts of power. While charging the real number may be higher since these were informal tests by reviewers twenty to watch translates to a four mp charger but you can plug your iphone straight into a macbook pros eighty seven charter and it will feed the iphone with no issues if you want to take advantage of that kind of high power charging than yeah. You probably should replace the stock. Usb cable those are usually estimated to be roughly twelve watt cables. So you wanna hire gauge cable. Yeah and may again maybe not replace it but just replace it for charging vat phone but stash it in a drawer anyway now. Having said that phones charge pretty quickly even with stock chargers. So don't expect a bigger charger and a sturdier cable to get you to one hundred percent in three minutes. It'll take still a fairly normal amount of time for the phone to charge completely but norm let us know what the end result is for you. And if you notice a marked difference because it'll help other listeners. As well all the way.

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