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Hello, welcome to armchair expert. I'm your grateful host deck shepherd today. We have an exciting guest on his name is Johnny Knoxville, but that's not really his name. His name is PJ earn fact. Those are initials. So that's not even his real name, but just suffice to say, people call him PJ who were friends with him. So you'll hear me referring to him as PJ. He has a movie coming out on June first called action point. That looks hysterical the reason he made it as really funny. So we were very excited to have him in today. And you know, this dude is really gone through the ringer and we get into it. I mean, he's hurt his penis very severely more than once and you know, we got up lot him for that and celebrate them. That's what we're gonna do. Ooh, before I gone before you enjoy PJ slash, Johnny, Knoxville. I want to say that merch orders, if you preordered merchandise it is going out the end of this week. Which is coincidentally when Janis movie comes out. So if you've been patiently waiting, I thank you for your patience and that stuff will be coming to you shortly. And if you want merch, please, please, please go to our website. It's armchair expert pod dot com. Armchair expert pod dot com. We have fun fun stuff. Mugs t shirts, mugs shirts? T shirts and mugs. This episode of armchair expert is brought to you by policy genius, Monica. Do you not policy? Genius is, yes, you all darn it. I wanted you to say no, and I was going to give you a crash course now. Well, let me ask you this. If you ever tried to get like an airplane ticket and you don't want to go to every single provider of airplane tickets, and there's all these great search engines that compile different prices in a mak-. Very easy. Yeah, I love that. We call that aggregating go right where you're assembling a lot of different data and then putting into one little funnel for us. 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I do a radio show for serious and I, I wear the behalf to wear them half on half off because I am so loud, then I need to be able to hear. Sure. Can I tell you what I like about the headphones? What's that? I know you're super curious. I was going to ask. Something about the headphones on and then us talking in the microphones. I kind of lose my other senses and it becomes kind of an alternate reality for me. It almost feels like doing drugs. There's something about like walking into my ears. I've always known as when I go do radio interviews. I'm like, I feel like I'm in a good mood when I'm doing that. Yeah, and I think it's like canceling out everything else. I'd rather just do drugs. Yeah, those are quicker. And. No, I know what you mean. But I, I need my foot. I need one foot on the ground. Right. I would imagine that about you. Okay. Today our guests on armchair expert is, you know, miss Johnny, Knoxville, but friends call you PJ, right? Yeah. PJ knocks, whatever. What's your, what's your birth name? Philip, John clap. Fantastic yet. So you did go by PJ as a kid? Yeah. Uh-huh. And who started that your parents or. You know? Yeah, my parents appear, they called me chip for like a few months which I'm so glad that didn't play out. Was it while the TV show chips was popular? No, no, probably I think maybe a little bit four little overlordship. Okay. Okay. Yeah, but you know, you and I both have rich friends. And do you find it a the least bit on bothersome when they refer to a private jet as a PJ? I've never heard that before. Wouldn't ins or Richard? No mind, listen, we have those many of the same friends. Just how I know you socially I've got. That's really annoying. That's like referring to Sandra Bullock is say indie. Yes, yes, yes, like j. makes it sound cutesy like not only loaded but look cute. This take a PJ or quarter Rico. God h j on the pizza as well. That's the goal of a PJ. Yeah. If you're not getting h. as you, you've wasted, you spent your money in the wrong direction. Are you doing? But you you all your buddies grownup. I'm just fixated on your name for half a second. All your buddies called you PJ or did they. They didn't tell you about your last name because where I'm from everyone called each other by their last names, my coaches would call me by my last name. Collapse. Yeah, that could be a rough last name to be called in high school. Right. Well, like in middle school, I wasn't even sure what it was, but soon as I got my letters jacket freshman year, they put clap on the back and they just got murdered. What sport did you play that you got a jacket baseball? Oh, really? Yeah. What position? I know so little about baseball, but I'm pitcher and first base. So you were the stud. I thought just the two best positions and maybe shortstop or something shortstops usually your best athlete catcher as well catchers like the quarterback. Okay of I mean, the pitcher controls the game, but the catcher controls. Everything else. I'm basing this, I think on don't the pitchers get paid the most in the and the depends. Okay, hit too. Yeah, I think maybe the hitters probably get paid as probably neck and neck. Okay. And how long did you play baseball from six until I was eighteen then I all through high school. Yeah. And then I hurt my arm senior year. So then baseball was done, heard it from pitching or Burdette it. You did. Did you have aspirations you think you were gonna play in college or. Yeah, I could've played college wall, really? Yeah, but I, I don't think I would have done. I could have done. Much effort college ball, but rights, but I could have done that. And now I had all this happen to you in two thousand eighteen do. Could you have a benefited from that surgery people get now? I'm a heavy of yet. It like supposed

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