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I'm Cliff Albert in the company's center. There are now 32 cases involving that new, more contagious strain that was first reported on the United Kingdom of the Corona virus, now in San Diego County. There are 24 new cases and four probable cases that have been reported in San Diego, In addition to the four cases already announced one person's been sent to the hospital. The 32 overall cases ranged in age from under tend to over 70 and Chila Vista, Lakeside, La Mesa and the city of San Diego, and the two dozen new cases come from 19 different households. There was no confirmed travel history. But doctors in San Diego now are being asked to forward positive results from people who traveled from the UK or overseas to the county. This strain is thought to be more contagious, though not more severe, and people believed be protected from it by the Corona virus Vaccines. Jack Cronin, Coco News, no charges in Kenosha prosecutors and could OSHA Wisconsin today announced they will not charge the officer involved. And they Jacob Blake shooting that left the black man paralyzed last summer and lead to violent protests. And that Wisconsin City, the police officer, Rustin Chesky, shot Blake seven times in the back as he tried to weather resists You have the His Children inside the district attorney and ketosis, saying today that no law enforcement officer will be charged with any criminal events based on the facts and law, and he added that no charges were filed against Jacob Blake in the incident, either the polls close in Georgia in one hour and the two Senate runoff elections that will decide which party controls the United States Senate. It is the counting of ballots nears tonight. George's secretary of state is criticizing President Trump Brad Rapids, Berger says the president is going around spreading claims that aren't true. We have someone that didn't get the number of votes that they wanted in Georgia, and then they disparaged our voting system. Grafton's Berger promised the Senate runoff elections taking place today in Georgia will be fair and honest and added The same was true of the presidential election in November. If the Democratic candidates win both races, they'll take control of the Senate, while Republicans need just one win. Sarah Bartlett, NBC News radio Republican Senator Ron Johnson. Today among the U. S senators who are gearing up to protest in Congress tomorrow during the usual formality of counting the electoral votes for the presidential election. There have on Lee been two occasions in history, where Congress debated contested electoral votes in 1969, the House of Representatives and the Senate debated one electoral vote from North Carolina. And in 2005, there was a debate over Ohio's electoral votes. You need both the House member and a senator to trigger debate in the House and the Senate. Some Republicans take issue with Johnson's approach, They argue conservatives prefer to yield to the states. Rather than big footing them in Washington, The Electoral Count Act of 18 87 says that Congress is supposed to treat electoral votes from states as final Let's chat program reporting from Capitol Hill. The money is coming, but where's it going? The problem is surfaced with some of the economic stimulus checks being sent out to Americans by the federal government. Number of people who use tax preparation services such as H and R Block and TurboTax say their second relief payments were sent to the incorrect bank account. The I. R S and Treasury Department began issuing the payments of $600 last week. They were made through paper checks, deputy cards and direct deposit. However, many people who pay their tax preparation fees with their refund Said the relief payments were sent to an account They did not recognize. Maryland. Haider Kogo news. Well, if you don't wait for that check, and if you're lucky tonight, tonight's mega millions jackpot drawing is worth 432 million bucks. After no 11 last night cash option comes out to just shy of $330. Million is all There's also a giant horrible jackpot up for grabs tomorrow worth $410 million. Coca News Time 303. I'm gonna check traffic.

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