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One pound to excess to my bonus shows dhabi coming out this week. So jumbled get involved on the patriots. Don't delay get involved on day to day. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah how's it goin'. How you feed in their. Let me know what survivor of a here. Pre decent While we done just what's united. Stink out the place. Nuno home against real sociedad boever. Nothing game in europe league. Don't get me wrong doesn't really matter because we're ready for. We managed to score away from home in europe pre stellar performance of the first leg. But the second. Like god almighty from the star in lineup to the substitutions to the tactics to the stein of play formation with dister. Sometimes i wonder i think part of it so triggered door. I don't get so i don't guess so. I don't have my manotas and get out place. Why don't get so emotionally comes to politics. Because i've been a longtime fan of football right and a full of the united for as long as i can remember for a long as i had a consciousness of knowing what team to support that maybe eleven twelve or something. That's i suppose we not mature so it's been awhile right so i think we if that comes the realization that you have little to no control over anything your club those were selling your favorite player Not signing some of that. You like Second manager direction. The club sponsorship. What it moving stadiums you have no say we have no say zero. What you are a fine is that you just follow your team for delos over the highest. That's all you can kind of give to them. And of course they value that. Because that's basically where most of these clubs revenue. come from. You can see quite funny as well. There was a long period of time. Where clubs kind of were made it known that fans had little to no influence on the club and they would retake voice and you know wouldn't really let them to be hud or if they were heard there was like a sanitized version of a fan and in the moment we have covert struck the world and it kind of reduced and capabilities of some of the biggest cups in the world even the smallest. They realized quickly quickly. How important fans football teams. But anyway. I digress quickly. What you learn is that you don't have any influence and we can do is cheer on your team when they're winning. Support the monday losing. That's all you can do but sometimes the top top level especially where my night are currently trying to get back to it's not as It's it's not something that you saw. Give hope on. Your team could suddenly turn it around. Because you've seen happened over clubs. You seen different owners coming with a probably more Sporting ambitions wanting to win trophies. And ten clubs around. You just come antsy right there. A better joke before the saudis got involved and now look at them suddenly right. They're playing some of the best football during the longest winning streak known to man the best coach in the world. Some free planetary position just insane because obviously they have owners are come in and now the kind of a big platinum in mind so i think when you're the top echelons of football you sometimes can get a little bit. You can give yourself foes hope because you know sometimes. A change of managing change ownership fans can change overnight but in this case with united. We're in a weird position. Because what are you gonna. Social is doing a pretty decent job. Offerings considered right. He's probably our best manager. Paul service vegas. In general in terms of how he kind of approaches the club the players like him. Whatever even row in media. We've kind of you know we've kind of gone back in the beginning season. wouldn't load the penalties. We went back to being aided again. And i was quite frightening experience right because i remember growing up. Those younger main winning under the sun was hey club in the country. People the arrogance that we had you for epa the service charge. Will he wrote people up the wrong way so to be hated at the beginning of season was quite gratifying. Lakota we're backward need to be but but surely you know the the the cracks and the team management An hour approached us. Oversee came to light. And now we are. We are where we're kind of in this other kind of feels like a false position. We don't really feel like we should be second considering how badly play but sometimes but the fingers separates us from everybody else. We just have some very high quality players especially fervor up in a pitch attack. And i think we've that we've been able to of gal jail. Where a few times. Probably haven't their best or we've maybe dominated or whatever it may be in any has caused some games. Obviously i think a west brom b. one of those but for the most part we kind of go away with it and wins opposition. Where if early continues with this form that we're cumbrian where most likely going to finish second and if we don't get trophy is quite hard to justify second manager into second in the league without you know behind a man. Suicide has got all older menino more money than god and they went into splash. Much account with your financial fair play ping jerkers is at the moment So yeah we inuit position win a strange place sometimes while he gets into. What do we have to lose. Seven games on the truck and cannot are all politicians for manages to give fired. Offer some change to happen tones of. Because i'll be happy with. Actually i take that back. I'll be happy with just social staying in a coaching position. And just getting different people to manage the fulling of it like you know player. Recruitment over vision. Whatever maybe so they can set out some clear goals and clear idea of where we kind of want to go. Go go to kind of go from there because sometimes you find yourself like why is our actual long term plan. Would only in charge what we wanna do.

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