In The Room with Sean Clancy: Ramon Dominguez


Year old multiple clips award winning jockey one nearly five thousand racists including the travers. The breeders cup turf twice the arlington million. The woodward the jockey club gold cup and road stars have her to grace gio. Ponti better talk now and so many others. Welcome to the show. Ramon thank you. Just turn for now. I said jockey. Ramon dominguez introduction. Because you will always be jackie in my book you retired after suffering a head injury in two thousand and thirteen. How how's retired. Life is good. continue Working on different things Llosa new chapter in my life and certainly will start smiling when you say jockey exactly exactly what keeps you busy these days. I know it's been almost eight years. I guess Since you retired what what keeps you so yes busy with different things. I mean personally. Your skill involved with things Family why Enjoying family and use. I enjoin also saratoga which is home for me now over springs in And i have been working a couple of projects. One of them A riding crop that i invented and a lot of people know about in the horse racing role Doing a show going to the other question disciplines in And most recently start working with a friend on a platform that we name a box which we threw up from. Look into bring a content to the spanish speaking Horse racing fan and the has been something that we have enjoyed and just went interview and pre imposed race analysis among other things. So yeah that keeps me pretty busy. You were always playing the long game saving your money thinking about your next step right. I'm and you were always one of those guys that you kind of watch. That were was planning the rest of your life. yes i Certainly i'm happy with a josiah leaving Today in in my career. I didn't have to have The most expensive thing so That certainly has helped through these retirement as where. I am no making the money that i was making was writing a however there's no Huge needs in terms of having to fulfill something that Warsaw too big for my financial capability other time so now they usa enjoying a life's simple pleasures in some ways. Yeah you've always been good at that. How how tough was it to be forced to retire him. And you didn't really get your choice. You had a fall and and had a dramatic Traumatic brain injury. How tough was that for you. So it was the one that i Came to realize that that's what's going to happen Four awhile. After my accident. When i had a i was Gog capable of thinking about what was happening and so on I was planning on coming back in the was pretty exciting for me to come back to to riding in a day when i realized that that was no longer choice You do go through What i call it a grieving where these by Being jewish job. Or what you the is career. You can't help to feel in some ways attached to that or sec studies farrow who you are even if that's the case so It was a little bit difficult walking away. Or separating myself from defy that. I was no longer gonna racist But i kinda would support my family. Friends and so on and Shortly afterwards i ended up going to the track against my will really because my wife Pushed me to go to the track. And that was the best thing that i could have because it really helped me to turn the page in. In all time. I was able to enjoy the racist and just looking at it from a different perspective without feeling a sense of love like oh my gosh i wish i was there. So You as i said in the beginning of our conversation. It's just another chapter in my life. And i'm fully embracing it in and enjoying it as well. Yeah

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