iPhone 13 on Track for Late September Release Date

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Twelve sales constitute a super cycle. That iphone thirteen may be a super duper cycle. That's according to wedbush analyst. Daniel ives who did of course not use the term super cycle apple three dotto posted part of a note ives wrote. He thinks apple's next round by phones is on track for a late september. Release which we used to call the normal time in the before times that said he says that timeframe could change. The bigger news is the bigger number of builds. He's expecting quoting his note. Initial asia supply chain belts for iphone thirteen or currently in the roughly one hundred million unit range compared to our initial iphone twelve reads at eighty million units pre bid and represent a twenty five percent increase year over year. Out of the gate while this number will clearly move around over the coming months. We believe this speaks to an increased confidence with cook and company. That this five g driven product psycho will extend well into twenty twenty two and should also benefit from a post vaccine consumer reopening environment. Mr has hasn't outperform rating apple. Shares has price target on the shares. Is one hundred seventy five dollars.

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