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Very likely but is on chartered territory. Right sees completely new is very first country in the world to make these legal tender. And what's very interesting to understand how it started and these started. I was there this weekend. Starting a community By the ocean called the sunday with cheese tomato community where there's great way so they're a little surfing community but other than that. The you know there's a lot of people like approach people and and basically they by the group cold hope cows at started doing a lot of price for the community and they beach the alf using bitcoin to fund some other projects and some bitcoin her gave them. I don't know how much they they gave them. Some money and that they distributed out forty dollars to different people in the community right and they did this story salah brother but it's fascinating The the point where. I wanna get to what. They started teaching people about bitcoin about The lightning network. Which is one of the coolest developments for those who've either no. It's basically have become blockchain. He's very secure. And it's very decentralized and then you have but but still like that security comes with certain downfalls such as speed of payments or certain fees at to pay to network if if there's a lot of beacon transactions and what the lightning that those layer to solution that allows basically bitcoin to meet transacted instantly with with with a pretty good finality and basically almost like pretty much free so this is very new. it's berry gherardi coal in most of the bitcon community. But when you went someday they they community has educated themselves the we use bitcoin lightning and they basically it all works with beacon like my mind was exploding because i would see like i would buy like a store where you would. You wouldn't think that they have any type of technology and i'm paying with bitcoin for a soda or something like that..

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