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This is too crazy from abc i don't fabricating thank you stay modest a this date rape poop under a vegan ted talk speak tough at the behest no doubt sit down leon ruined three elliot's new home for hip hop and bigwigs bankroll every morning at seven twenty eight twenty nine twenty two louis lou the thirteenth schooling louis louis on a question question you ever news out that says due to new californian law pot pot shops have until sunday to sell all their noncompliant marijuana or it must be destroyed so you say that everyone's just selling marijuana for like eighty percent off got the compliance because he's legit you gotta be comprised at everything has to be labeled package in everything whether it's whether it's in the put it in like jars just everything itself has to have labels and everything has to be on there so that's the new law i guess to smoke for years yeah here that's the guy who smoke i'm never going to be able to oh yeah if i do smoke is going to be with louis can i know we're going to hang up with you.

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