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Welcome back to clockwise. The tech podcast that's just in time every time. My name is Mike is sergeant, and I am joined across the internet by my co host. Good buddy. Good pal, good friend and all around. Good dude. It's Dan Moore and hi, Dan, I thought for a second. Surely you must be introducing somebody else, but, oh, it's me, hey, that's great. That's good. Yeah, you get. You get feel this time. Congratulations. Here's your metal. Here's your trophy. And now it's time it's time to introduce our awesome guests to my left is also a good, good putty, good buddy, good, pow, and self proclaimed nerd of the internet. And of course, the co host of automates right here on really FM. It's Rosemary orchard. Hello rose. Hello, thank you for having me. We are so happy to have you here with us and to my left is a senior writer at Tom's guide and a former colleague of mine from our mackerel days. Caitlyn mcgarry bag high Caitlyn. Hi. How are you guys? You're doing very well. We are glad that you could all be here today. Yes, so happy to have you here and so happy to get things rolling. You not works. Got two guests for topics. Thirty minutes of kick things off to talk about this application. We're using right now. Skype just well. Microsoft's just announced that Skype is going to be doing call recording now for those. Us who are podcasters. It's kind of interesting kind of exciting. We've had to use third party applications to do call recording in the past, and now it's apparently gonna be as simple as right, clicking within Skype and choosing to start recording the call. Most interesting is the fact that Microsoft's current operating system doesn't support the call record against Skype, so they're going to be coming out that a little bit later. But I'm curious for those of you who do podcasting is this interesting to you? Do you plan to continue to use third party tools? And then I think the more important discussion here is sort of the implications of a built in call recording feature because I don't know about you, but when I went to journalism school, I learned you kind of got to ask before you go about recording people's voices for things rose. Let's get your thoughts. Well, as a podcast, it's great because especially if they get rid of the headphone, Jack on the ipad, then my solution for backup coal recording will die. When I up grade. So from that perspective, I really like it as a safety net, but I do worry because in some I know in some US states, Sears, the ability of one party consents in the other party is ultimately opted in and then some states you have two party consent, but there are one hundred ninety. Seven countries in the world has Microsoft really their legal team to go through the lows of every single country is a banner at the top of the screen notifying you that you're being recorded really enough for all of this. And honestly, I can imagine my grandmother pricing something like this by accident, and then you know, getting very scared. I'm very confused and stopping using Skype because did something she didn't expect that's not user friendly. So from that perspective, I am a little concerned and I'm sure somebody's going to try and find a way to hack it so that you don't get notified if you'll being recorded. And then I think we might have some big problems on our hands from podcasting perspective. I don't think this is going to. Plant the tools that we already use largely because from what I can tell, this is not independent recording of tracks. It seems to be a cloud based recording of your entire call and well, it doesn't clued things like video which can be handy if you're putting together a video podcast. Most of the podcasters I know tend to prefer these what we call the double ended method, which is essentially where each individual participant report records. They're called locally because that way voids any of the hiccups that Skype going across the network introduces that said the possibilities for recording podcasts via has been extremely limited. So this at least introduces as as rose was saying the ability to have recording a podcast that you do on your vice, which is great. But again, subject to those same limitations, if there were an option to have local recordings and that having that sort of like done it as an individual track by track basis, that would make things a lot better for podcasters..

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