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And Steve Patterson. You like Huey Lewis and the news? This is the big G. P. Taylor. Swift says You're suing me. Well, I'm suing. You know this. The company that handles the rights for Taylor, Swift music and other trademarks, has filed a lawsuit against Evermore theme Park and Utah. Oh, boy, remember, ever more finding lawsuit against her saying it's the trademark? Yeah, infringement because her album is called evermore. Yes, and they have related merchandise. They blame them album cause actual confusion, Yes, queen that affected the park's online president's negatively. And, um, infringing on its marketing and merchandise. Well at the time, Taylor Swifts lawyers said. This is frivolous. Well, the new lawsuit the countersuit. Is now claiming that evermore The Utah Park? Yes, was regularly engaged in copyright infringement itself. Oh, jeez. The suit to legends that three songs. Belong to Taylor Swift. Love story. You belong with me and bad blood were regularly used in performances at the part all without a proper license. God, Ray, put up your dukes. Come on now. Ah, this is funny. I get it, though. You know, it's like, Look, if you're gonna try to do something, then we could really go toe litigious war if you want to. Don't be a hypocrite, right? So they claim that they blatantly ignored numerous notices from B M I and opted instead to continue to benefit from the free and unauthorized public performance of songs despite actual knowledge. Of the liability and penalties imposed by the Copyright Act to protect artists. They are stupid. Right? Because then you gots to pay traded. Turn around and sue her when you've been using her music, right? I love this is a new Oh, this is This is a great example of what good lawyers will do for you right? Because she's like, find something. Just go figure something else. And then they're like, Oh, we got stuff. Yeah, we got stuff. I love it that to be continued. Katharine McPhee has had a baby. Oh, with Lord Foster. Yep. Fiend. David Foster welcomed a baby boy. I don't have a name. He is. What is he like? 71? Yes. And she's 36. Yeah. Mm. He seems like he'd be a bad husband. I'm sorry. Oh, my God. Well, he does. Yes. I'll tell you what. The documentary that by that documentary that he had a hand in, you know, um It does not make him out to be a good husband. If by good husband. One of the main criterias would be a minute president's involvement, commitment, things like that. Yep. Yep. Hey. Also kind of abandoned his ex wife when she was in the hospital suffering from Lyme disease. Yeah, you know, Yolanda Boster. Yeah. Real housewife stuff, Steve. Okay, Okay. It was just going up the last name. Oh, yeah, because he was dragged into Real housewives, wasn't he? Or a story line in it. Yeah. Yeah, he would, he would be there. Kind of Every now and then, and the kids are G and Bella Hadid. Yes. And then the boy who's just is beautiful, and I don't know his name we David Foster's in the G and Bella Hadid. Family. Yeah, he's there. Step, Dad. Oh, get out until you land of Foster's there, Mom. I'm very bravo, illiterate, and then her husband was. I don't know what he did for a living. The Hadid guy. What was his name, Mohammed. Indeed, I don't know. But Steve, don't worry about it. All right, So, Yeah, they're her kids, and she said she was a model also, Yolanda, I'll tell you what. Say what you will about David Foster and congratulations, So they had the baby or she's pregnant. They have the baby's Katharine McPhee. Okay, Wonderful. Congratulations. Um You want some good music? You pull up on your smart TV at home some night, David Foster and friends. I think you can find the whole special on YouTube. It is really, really great. Watch the whole thing. Really Great. Michael Boo Blay, Brian McKnight. I mean, everybody. I mean, he has been around for so long. They're probably goes back to like. Barbara Streisand and, um Harden. Carly! Simon. Simon. Thank you. You know the boo Blay story. Remember in the documentary he was at a wedding. He happened to be at a wedding in Canada. And from just that one of his friends, weddings and the guys, I go check out who we got is an entertainer. You got to see this guy. And it's like, okay, you've seen one crooner. You've seen them all. And then it was Michael Boo Blay performing at this wedding, And as the story goes by the end of that night, David Foster said. You need Tiuna to come live with us in California. We need to work on you. I didn't know that. Yes, it was like all from Michael Boo Blay singing. At a wedding. Oh, that's him that David Foster happens to be at and it changes his life. I like Boo Blay. I love to do a boobs. He's actually he He was actually one of those episodes of celebrity I owe you. Yes, Great was really sweet. Yeah, Like such a good guy. Did you do something for his grandmother or first grandmother? Yes or somebody? I don't think it was his grandmother. It was somebody. It was a housekeeper or something. Is it? The housekeeper for his grandfather who has since passed? Yes. Put me down. Oh, yes, do you? It's really good. I Rick, I record all of those. So every now and then I'll just throw one on and be like, Oh, I'm gonna watch this one Angela was. Angela Bassett was in one or Viola Davis, Violet Davis. Fun little game to play. What's on your DVR? What's the weirdest thing on your DVR? Oh, I love that girl. All right. This is for you, Steve. Michael Bolton.

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