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Changed wrestling. Eight days of the Awa work for you. Dark star. So that was the late great both both late. Both great star in one Verne ganja fern ganja. The interview had not I think that was well into the interview to. So this is one Verne's memory was it a little in a little bit. Does. This is say the year when that does not I. Before two thousand five so between two thousand one and two thousand five okay? Steve Marsh who is a longtime writer here in town. Penn the father last year has a story about the Awa in the current Minneapolis, Saint Paul magazine, which is a very good read. It is good. Verne's power Verne's poll, and there's an item in there too. Where at one point. Vince McMahon is is trying to buy him out. Vern is defiant as it had to because he had a legendary successful professional career. And it's like no hit the road, buddy. Stay on the east coast. And then a few years later. It all went the other way, I've told this many times. I'm not sure why other than I think my father at times would struggle. To come up with when he had because I was with my father on. Some weekends and a Wednesday. When I lived with my mom. And my father was you know, my father as here's a hot take likes his career. And so so often we would go to sporting events. Well, I I bet atom I tended. Thirty Awa matches. What I was a kid, and then my father owned apartment complex out in Bloomington where who would stay there. The man who dethrone Vern ganja is with a great wrestlers of that era, Nick clock winkle, Nick, Bach, winkle and Nick would be he's from Beverly Hills, California any would come out either by himself because he was a great interview on his own. But then when he had Bobby I mean, it was I mean, it was an amazing comedies and is this pre weasel suit, right? But a lot of times Nick would say I've been in Beverly hill handing all week, and I'm I'm like a nine year old guy. No, I sat next you at the pool earlier in the day. It was just it was tremendous. And then because of my sister. My sister went to Robbins dill high school, which was the wrestling hotbed of town that I got to know Rick rude. And then at a party managing Rick ravishing. Rick rude. And then I also got a chance to meet this guy named James, Janice. Forty some years ago who happened to become the next. Well, not the next eventually became the governor say, you know, what why don't we reach out to Jesse tell you. Clown. Twin brother? Yes, that is correct. Maybe we should we it's been a while Jesse likes when he comes in on air show me. Let's let's reach out to go get him. Well, that's true. Because he likes to be picked up doesn't he? No, he doesn't like to be picked up. He insists on being. We'll get one of the I think somebody in the promotion staff to drive out in listened stories. I mean, I was an intern at this place and eighty six and a seven and proceeded either get yelled at by cannon yelled at by rich Holter lectured by curt Beckmann, or get the love and affection of Steve Martin, right and Tom Perez and Paul Berkley. So I mean, if you're here at this place and your assignment is to go get Jesse Ventura, and listen, I'll do it. How about you do the show, and I'll just drive Jesse back and forth. I'd have no problem with that whatsoever. Adams babysitter, what he was a young child car and Housley in the news. Let's reacted the car and Housley news remind you wanna talk about the president and his sixty minutes interview. We're gonna talk overrated. Underrated. We're gonna talk. Flu shots were to talk. What we do on airlines with people getting bigger and seats getting smaller. We'll talk about the Vikings. Are they back Carter? I mean, is it is it now just a question of what uniforms they will be wearing in the Super Bowl whereas the Super Bowl this year? Atlanta g a and are we going bins stadium or cities spans? Why don't we why don't we plan on if they all the shoulder either? I'm in. I'm in Lindy, my Lanta Atlanta. Let's he's gonna kind of. No, I like Atlanta. Yeah. We can do it. I've never been. Ada. But I mean, what the heck lanes. You'll get us fifty yard line seats. We'll go see the Vikings win the first ever Super Bowl car and Hounslow Housley. Thank you. Karen housley? Is this a significant story is it a story? All does it have any effect on the race? Let's talk about that in moments on CCA thirty nine degrees. A few clouds in the twin cities the death of two teenage Somali women comes nearly two days after they were last seen with members of the Somali community receiving the troubling news while standing near the pod and the south west metro where the search ended the frantic search for the two nineteen year old cousins and best friends began early Saturday morning Bushra op de and hubka, Abdullah both worked night shift jobs and got together for a break dispatch records show, one of them contacted nine one one calling out help me before the telephone cut off. It was yesterday when police discovered tire tracks leading into a pond in chaska there. They found a submerged car Somali community leader Jailani Hussein talked with WCTC, oh television. Finally on the news. We're expecting was not the news are but. But at least they have some peace. One body was discovered in the car the other in the water. Nearby officials are still trying to find out what caused the crash, although they say there is no sign of foul. Play at shock WC. Oh, the Republicans seeking Al Franken Senate seat drawing some criticism from two thousand nine Facebook post. The Huffington Post says Carin Housley, criticized then first lady Michelle Obama for her posture while meeting the Queen in the post Housley commented how she misses Nancy Reagan then made reference to Ronald Reagan's movie bedtime for Bonzo which co starred a chimpanzee Ouseley. Then wrote, quote, I think that chimps stood high stood straighter than Michelle Housley spokesman dismisses the story from the Huffington Post, which he calls an extension of the Democratic Party Republican candidate for governor. Jeff Johnson getting the endorsement from the Minneapolis police union with the focus today on his opposition to sanctuary city Johnson repeated today that if he's elected governor he will not make Minnesota a sanctuary state. We need to empower local law enforcement. To work with federal authorities to keep bad guys. I'm not talking about refugees. I'm not talking about immigrants. I'm talking about bad guys criminals to keep them off the street, and if we refuse to allow our local police to actually cooperate with the federal government were not going to get that done in Minneapolis, Susie. Jones WCC twelve eleven WCTC. Oh for more on these and other stories, go to WC radio dot com. Time now to check traffic.

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