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Um but i found it great i'm looking forward to catching up on season tutors wash the first episode this morning how did you get to the show is originally was a cbs show when you were originally in we're not involved right so originally was a cranston you created it with david shore and they did it for cbs cbs passed and you know occasionally this can happen this business when there's you know a busted pilot that there's someone else would be denied the show they made him unable to pilot episode and amazon said morgan one tell who is running drum at that time said yeah yeah okay we'd like some changes we want vince to be much you to put actually he didn't say we want you to play vance but they said will create vince says this bad guy and they only had three weeks to get it done in shoots a new seen so as i might as well be me is what brian said because then we don't have to kill that was stitching together that was just getting together just after the fact they shot some additional scenes um in factors this one pivotal seen in the pilot toward the end between mary of santa audrey the grandmother played by margo martindale and they and i realize while they shot that in the barn at disney ranch where we shot a lot of justified so at any rate than amazon said yes it you know what they would do is just put the pilot up and see how people responded in a crowd of really good response so they said let's do a series and there was you're still not involve still not involved there was a first attempt to have a writer's room and run it and it was just it was just hard to come up with the stories and i think that and so that writer's room disbanded and there was a feeling because of justified that i might be the right person and so guy watched the prime in uganda i'm in a little bit a grandmother characters that elmore leonard yeah this these it's not quite on more leonard sneaky pete but it's a more leonard he got it at five and also by the way you've got some of us him actors which is got an accident while now so once i saw and then and then uh fred golan who did all six years with me on justified in.

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