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Cat. That was a great run and that was a nice twist and then followed up about the question about him playing australia. Also a nice twist was you saying. I think what he was saying. That french just went there for one game. And we're all like oh. Yeah okay that makes like. I don't know why you said isaiah joe in the clip and i for some reason we were going to get like. Where did you come from is so i can see that being tough. But no you went this whole other angle. You went the joey kangaroo. You got us just happen to be at a table dinner table where somebody brought up. Joey kangaroo for some. I guess it was my daughter learning about kangaroos and learning. Joey and then. I just say what later laugh. That's so we do here. That's what we do here and bring our lives into the show and that's why people like last year was looking to start a workout routine from home and i had heard about peleton's so i downloaded the app for a free thirty day trial. I put in my fake username. Very fisher and i was on my way. Why the heck did i use. Fake username you as well. I didn't think i would subscribe past the thirty day. Free trial peleton. It hooked me. It is way different than other workout sites. I've tried a year later. I'm seriously hooked. I even use my real name now. Tasos come follow me. One thing that sets peleton apart from other workout videos is that the instructors are recording classes. All the time they go live and then it's up so it feels really really current. And i find the.

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