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Right. I mean, I can they find with a bunch of people you know if somebody's chanting or something I can do it. But yeah, the wise. Oh I've got a good one for you haven't thought about for years. Okay. To levitated. a group one, two, three, four, five Scott together once to see if levitation Israel and we did have very, very serious chanting from we did that for a long time and I was the person laying on the floor. You were the one who got levitated. Yes. and. Then when we were really in a really amazing rhythm we said pick her up and the four people each use their two fingers on each hand and lifted me above their head. Oh my gosh fun. I mean we were all it wasn't just you know laughing giggle at this was a true experiment and it was really cool with fund. That is amazing. Yeah. I. Felt like I weighed about a feather weight you know not even a pound. Interesting. If we could actually get a scale or somebody at that point, but then they levitating if there was something under them. Yeah. It's really amazing. Interesting and I remember once you saying that you had a dream after your father passed you had a dream that he visited you or maybe you weren't asleep I dunno well, I'm I'm still not sure. About that one I was in bed in he stood at the end of my bed and he was talking to me but I don't remember anything we had to say or anything. Oh. Was it more like telepathic communication I don't know what that Oh just like you don't have to speak or use words by was maybe mentally communicating something to you. You know what? I don't know I don't remember any conversation. I just remember him there at the end of my bet and it wasn't a dream he was really there. Yeah. So you were okay that was I wasn't sure if you were awake or asleep when it happened. So you were awake when this happened yeah, I had climbed into bed and I was awake. Yes. Do you, remember. Seeing if there were no words to be recalled, did it feel comforting? Did it feel scary? How did it feel? It felt very natural, very warm and fuzzy and I've always felt that my dad and I always had a clash that we were. We always clash and I don't know why. He was extremely strict and you know ran that household like the military. Now, I've spoken to my older brothers and they'd never felt that way but you know come on, you had to be at dinner at five, thirty, five, thirty, one, I remember I was two in this late dinner once and I had to sit by them through dinner with him hanging onto my wrist through the whole meal. You know I was petrified it's weird. Hit me or anything he was just you know like the commander of the House or the captain of the household or something like that I. Don't know if you know this but he never permitted mom to wear pants in his presence..

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