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To capterra C A P T E R R A V place to find modern business software that will change your life from accounting zookeeping. Capterra has it all over seven hundred categories of software everything from project management to Email marketing to yoga studio management, and they make it easy to find. Because not only can you search for the category. But you can narrow it down by checking boxes saying it has to do this. It shouldn't do this. I want it to be like this. You can make a comparison chart of all of the programs that look best to you and see side by side. And then here's the best part. Over eight hundred thousand reviews from real users of that software, eight hundred thousand verified user reviews, so you can really get a good sense of whether this offer is going to do what you want it to do. Whether people are happy with it. Everything you need to make an informed decision. How much would you pay for a service like that? Ten bucks a month? Twenty bucks a month. How about free free free? No, there's no up sell. There's no capterra pro just that free. Join the millions of people who use capterra every month to find the right tools for their business. Don't suffer with an old piece of software. That was written back in the sixties when when you could use capterra to find the best new software. Capterra C A P T E R R, A dot com slash twit. Do me a favor us that URL. Capterra dot com slash twig. So they know that you heard it here. We appreciate them supporting our show, capterra dot com slash twit. And we appreciate you supporting it, and we're. Return? We're going to give you this great free service. That tells you exactly what you need to know about the best software for your business. Capterra software selection simplify..

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